Development blog

  • improving stuff

    Fixed an issue with ADSR not going back to previous settings after certain sculpts. A load & save menu where you can store your personal settings, will be available on future updates and releases.

  • OUT NOW : Jaguar

    Our beloved el-guitar library for KONTAKT is out today! And on the deck side, we discovered that the email-form on our contact page wasn’t working anymore. Should be fixed now. If you’ve tried to get in touch with us lately, please try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • oh my

    The pre-orders for Jaguar are blowing the roof off! Looking forward to ship them out to you all on Friday

  • Torus updated to v1.2

    Fixed a bug in Torus (the gong library) where FXs sculpt settings initialised incorrectly when reloaded

  • magnify button

    Moving the “Resize Kontakt Window” button to the settings view.

  • We’ve reached 2000 downloads!

    Celebrating 2000 downloads from our store as well as the 7th release today! TORUS. cheers!

  • Search and Soloist

    With more products added, we have implemented a search function at for you to quickly find the instruments you need. Also pre-order for Soloist (a deep-sampled vintage synth library) has started

  • Polishes & Fixes

    ALL products updated to v1.2. (not the freebies)

    improved general performance
    improved loading time
    added scalable GUI
    improved menu, visuals and fonts

    Already purchased? You’ll find the files in “your account“.

  • Down by law – gets an update

    The library is updated to v. 1.2 A few sample mappings were fixed, but mostly visual improvements, resizable GUI and upspeeded performance and loading time. Already bought it? Files are available in ‘your account

  • Glass Perc updated

    improved general performance
    faster loading
    added scalable interface
    new menus with better readability🥂 

    If you already own the library, you can just re-download it in your account

  • Streamlining shop

    Streamlined the payment system by simplifying things even further. Shopping and downloading from Wrongtools should be a breeze. And we have made products visible and available on our facebook page

  • links are out

    Happy to see that links to all the people who pre-ordered the Runebomme automatically went out this morning. Automation rocks. Hope you will like it! And please share this news to your friends! And thanks very much!!!

  • demosongs

    A whole lot of ´naked´ demos can now be streamed from each of the product pages.

  • future freebies and updates

    An account is – from now on – automatically created when you make an order. This way it will be easier to provide product updates. And it gives us a way to be interactive with our users, and offer freebies etc. We’d ideally prefer to give away freebies to our existing customers, and not always to random visitors.

  • pre-ordering

    added the possibility to make pre-orders from the website, and marking this by setting up our first pre-order for the upcoming Kontakt library “Sámi drums”.

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