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  • scripting

    We are working very hard on our new release, designing some new mechanisms that allow for a better control over the SCULPT XY-pad section. And to make it run intuitively on different CC controllers as well as aftertouch. We’re ultimately excited to see our little instrument getting shaped up for new versions of Kontakt in the near future!

  • new release

    It’s The Clavinet Harp Release Day!

  • Soundcloud

    We are now also on Soundcloud! Honest and clean demos of each library. Not cluttered with other libraries, external effects or live musicians. Just sounds from the library and preferably one patch at a time.

  • perfect start

    What an incredible journey it’s been! 10 days ago we released our first library! With our team we’ve created something above and beyond what we thought would be possible. We’ve put a lot of work into building a Kontakt instrument code that was tactile and detailed. A Kontakt setup that we think is an ideal approach to working effectively with samples, and that we look forward to develop further. We are so happy for all the fantastic feedback from our first 20 customers 🙂 Thank you all, this was a perfect start for our little company!

    Now that the dust has finally settled after our first little library release, we’ve got some very exciting news we’d like to share. Our next library “DOWN BY LAW” will be out by this Friday !

  • googlespeed check gave us 98%

    To build this site has been a turbulent journey. Finding good solutions and optimising every little nuance of the page has been a struggle. But now, after updating our CDN we hit a new high on google speed ranking. 98% !! We know, nobody cares. But to us, this is pretty big, and means that we have a good base to continue building this site. Now we’ll probably add something stupid, and fall down to under 50% again

  • hold on to your hat

    We’ve made a poem 💥📖… goes like this :

    “The best samples are like diamonds, precious & rare. Bad samples are like leaves, found everywhere.”

  • first release is out

    our first release : Glass Percussion is out! The library consists of percussive strikes and clinks on glass. Each patch set is spread over a a few octaves chromatically. Different mic positions allows for placing and adjusting the instruments to your mix.

    There is also a collection of glass “river” texture instruments, where the sound has been made by bowing, tapping or trembling, as well as with different sorts of careful sound- manipulations. Organic, unexpected & tactile sounds.

    5000 samples
    25 instruments
    1,9 GB compressed ncw

  • to bump into bad boys

    As we are heading towards the first wrongtools sample library release, we’re continually testing website and fine-tuning tiny details. We‘ve started the most crucial step before the release: debugging! The progress is painful but necessary. Sometimes we do find some creepy bugs, but even though we love them very much, we’ll make sure you’ll never bump into these bad boys!

    oh, and in the account area of there’s now a freebie for you when you sign-up. Planning to make lots of stuff available in-there at a later stage.

  • It lives

    Today marks the first major update to our site, and a big milestone. We are finally online with a little product, as well as having set up an account area, a faq area and other things that any respectable webshop needs to have

  • Building webshop

    For the last weeks we’ve been deepdiving into the ‘under to hood’ stuff of the webshop.  The goal is to make the payment and accounting sysmten fully automatic – definitely a big learning curve in web development for us! The idea this time round is to have a bulletproof system (isn’t everyone’s!) which takes some time to implement and get right, learning from previous mistakes as we go. Hopefully the additional invested time now, optimizing everything, will be a good investement for the joy of running this company. 

  • Heatwave

    Please read it while all the text is still readable. With the heatwave still lingering around Scandinavia, we can’t guarantee this post won’t melt before it reaches all of you.  With the great help of a new cooling aircondition in the studio, the production of new sample-library is moving forward at a good speed.  We’ve accomplished a lot of work in the past month, and recorded a bunch of unusual instruments and sounds. All for the greater good. 

  • Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to Wrongtools – Our first Sample Library release is not too far away, but we need to make sure that everything is working flawless.  We will get back to you. Many thanks! 

    we’re getting there slowly but steadily! 


    Wrongtools Studio Team

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