Wrongtools ● new : Parallelogram

Wrongtools is a Sample Library Developer from Norway. Our mission is to build inspiring sampler instruments for you to explore and conquer.

We’re award winning composers that live and breathe music.   We play in bands, produce bands, compose film scores and orchestral pieces, and a whole lot more. And have over 20 years experience in working with samples. 

Our catalogue will include a wide range of instruments.  We aim at music producers and composers who search for inspiring products with a different twist. Our instruments can be made from whatever materials and vibrating devices we can find and that sound good.  

Our focus is on specific new instruments and the work of instrument builders and musicians who has developed their own individual voice. 

Sound designers, musicians, composers and anyone with an adventourous turn of mind will find something of value here.

The Music scene in Norway is bursting with talent. And we’ve got to work with the best of the best. Our sounds come straight from the heart of passionate artists, who care as deeply about their work as you do about yours. When your art meets their sounds, it’s a beautiful thing.

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