Our high-quality piano sampler instruments are designed to be easy to use and highly versatile. We offer a wide range of pianos, ranging from organic and natural-sounding instrument recordings to experimental and abstract soundscapes.

Kontakt Piano Libraries


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Get all our piano-related kontakt instruments at once

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A kaleidoscope of Kontakt piano and acoustic keyboard instruments



‘Piano’ Libraries for Unconventional Music

Wrongtools collection of piano+ instruments transcends the unconventional realm of grand pianos and embraces the extraordinary diversity of this timeless instrument. Whether it’s the soulful resonance of a toy piano, the ethereal charm of a prepared piano, or the haunting beauty of an intimate felt piano, each instrument holds the power to evoke emotions beyond imagination.

Experimental Piano Timbres for Genre-Bending Music

Thanks to our voluntary triggered sound-sculpting engines, Composers can explore the limitless possibilities of hybrid pianos, where ethereal pads, otherworldly textures, and evolving soundscapes fuse with the classical elegance of piano keys. The result? An innovative and visionary approach to music production, designed to set composers apart in an ever-evolving musical landscape.

Creative Piano Sound Library for Film Composition

Wrongtools collection of piano instruments is a testament to the unyielding pursuit of musical excellence and creative freedom. Composers embarking on this sophisticated journey are met with an exquisite palette of sounds, resonating with unparalleled uniqueness. 

Experimental Piano Related Plucks and Timbres

As the music world continues to evolve, this collection stands as a beacon of innovation, empowering composers to compose, create, and captivate audiences with weirdness and character that transcend time and space. Embrace the endless possibilities and explore the limitless horizon of sound – for, with this collection of piano’ish, your compositions will echo in hearts and minds forever.

    1. Unconventional Film Music Piano Library
    2. Unique Piano Sounds for Avant-Garde Film Scores
    3. Versatile Piano Instruments for Quirky Film Composing
    4. Innovative Piano Sample Packs for Experimental Soundtracks
    5. Unorthodox Piano Tones for Non-Traditional Film Music
    6. Diverse Piano Textures for Offbeat Film Soundscapes
    7. Creative Piano Sound Library for Unusual Film Composition
    8. Signature Piano Samples for Cutting-Edge Film Scores
    9. Experimental Piano Timbres for Unconventional Filmmakers
    10. Artistic Piano Compositions for Eccentric Film Music
    11. Fusion of Acoustic and Digital Pianos for Boundary-Pushing Films
    12. Distinctive Piano Instrument Samples for Avant-Garde Films
    13. Ambient Piano Textures for Unique Film Soundtracks
    14. Unusual Piano Ensemble for Cinematic Innovators
    15. Expressive Piano Compositions for Quirky Film Scores
    16. Uncharted Melodies: Piano Collection for Unconventional Films
    17. Embrace the Unusual: Piano Library for Experimental Filmmaking
    18. Unconventional Harmony: Piano Sounds for Avant-Garde Films
    19. Unleash Creativity with Unique Piano Libraries for Film
    20. Break the Mold: Piano Collection for Non-Traditional Film Scores
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