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Dulcitone sampled with new sets of piano hammers

Dulcitone sounds like an elderly celesta, with a quieter and rounder tone. We sampled two different Dulcitones with different piano hammers, cutting-edge technology.

Dulcitone Kontakt
drawing of vintage keyboard

The sound comes from tuning forks, which vibrate when struck by felt-covered hammers. We utilized a variation of different hammers.

Here’s a playful demo : Grieg Op 43 No 17 (Op.43-1) Butterfly, rearranged for Dulcitone Pro.  Using the main patch only.  

virtual piano keyboard for kontakt - the dulcitone pro
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exploring kontakt patches walkthrough
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Dulcitone-Pro is a charming unusual alternative to piano.

Brings uniqueness and intimacy to emotional scoring moments. 

at a glance on innovative software for musicians
  • Recorded with different piano-hammers
  • Key sounds, mechanics and quirks on separate faders

  • Instruments variations and unlimited sculptering

  • High-end microphones (Neumann, Coles)

  • Recorded in a dry scoring stage

  • Articulation ‘hammer’ switcher by ks or cc

  • Adjustable custom ir reverb

The instrument was overhauled by a professional piano restorer prior to the sampling session. Mechanics and pedal, squeaks and keysounds were recorded and mapped to individual tracks.

The quiet sounds of the Dulcitone inspires to slowing down our senses.

A contemplation of subtle auditory stimuli.

Played with different sized piano hammers

Tracks are equipped with channel-strips controls.

Optional self-playing [FX]s. Imagine sliding your fingers through a curtain of small threads with bells.  

settings view

A comprehensive selection of variations and patches is included. Some more quirky and playful than others.

Overview over included patches

A hodge-podge of contemplating inspirations

“Such a lovely sound, expressive, subtle and complex simultaneously.”  -KgDrum

“Wrongtools has done it again!”  -Niah

“sound fantastic! Congratulations @wrongtools ! Very inspirational” -Emilio


Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window

A collection of in-built IRs

channel strips


Dulcitone Pro

  • 44 patches
  • plus 24 variation patches

1500 samples


v 2.0

  • added 25 new  patches, 
  • repaired round-robin (important fix!)


v.1.1 various bugs and fixes.

(build. v193 sculpt 0009)

v1.0 initial release

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