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Quotes from forum-posts about Wrongtools :

instruments for kontakt

You guys are the most inspiring kontakt library developers on the market. Everything about you and your instruments is top quality. My only problem is that I can’t keep up with you. C.F.A

“Wrongtools has me excited about the future of new devs entering the space and bringing something emotionally special. The demos are fantastic, but the special quality truly hits when you’re playing the patches yourself.”   – A.N

There is not a preset I have come across so far that does not spark creativity and inspiration, Thank you for producing such highly quality virtual instruments that are not your norm, but help to take you out of the box to see and hear music in an abstract way. Continue to keep up the good work!  ” — M.V

sounds great plus your products and website showcase the most beautiful artwork I’ve ever seen in sample world!”  – W.F

These new kids on the block keep impressing me. This one has a really artsy feel to them. There is nothing wrong about these tools !”  — M.M

Would you please stop or slow down the pace that you’re releasing so many interesting libraries?” — K.D

“Ravishing sounds, amazing Kontakt customizations, unbelievable tonal compass; patches play musically, and uniquely, octave over octave.” – A

thanks for the beautiful instruments you have given us! Looking forward to those new contours that are on the horizon!””  –D.E

”This is absolutely beautiful. Just going threw the presets, I have no idea whats really happening but it sounds so lovely with so much motion and movement”  — K.H

Wrongtools have only ever released brilliant stuff so far” — D.E

”Such a lovely sound,expressive,subtle and complex simultaneously”  –K.G.D

“Keep making some of the most breathtaking & useful tools sonically available. ” – JW

vi-control : 

“I absolutely love WrongTools’ stuff. Highly recommend it.” – UnF.
”Wrongtools has quickly become one of my favourite developers. Their libraries are fantastic, creative, come with tons of patches / presets and are unique. Also they record in great rooms and make great UIs.”  -E.M

“There isn’t one library of Wrongtools that I don’t like. They are all wonderful and one should take some time to really discover all presets.”  – W73

Your instruments are brillant.”  –E.R

beautiful and spectacular”   – M.V

Beautiful stuff, always love what you guys do.” — Ambi

”Sounds great without being bespoke, augmented, or on the edge.”  – Alche.

knocked my socks off”  –B.A

Kudos for creating such an excellent sounding library.” –D.B.E

“brilliant and unique collection of strings sounds. I have to say this is something else entirely and the instrument definitely adds to every composer’s palette of beautiful soft spoken string sounds.  – D.E

an anthology of soft tones, almost overwhelming but in a good way  ..some of those articulations seem to be unique in the sampling world. Hats off to the players !

a universe on their own, and amazing cue starters.” — ER

you continue to surprise and impress me. Lovely work yet again ”  — C.G.R

“wrongtools has done it again !”   – Niah

Holy Moly, those strings do sound amazing! Wonderful textures, congrats” – M.H.M

You can’t have too many Wrongtools libraries…”  – B.A

I just like to mention that I am loving how this library sounds with close voicings, dissonances and even quartertones. It is quite amazing ! I don’t know how you guys did it but…you did it Also plays beautiful stuff…beautifully 😀 “  – N.i

Vivid unusual patches that adds life, tenderness, credibility and tension. ”  — J.R

The sound is beautifully soft, musical, detailed and lovely” — W.F

Wrongtools keep making the right tools”  – B.Ai

Vivid unusual patches that adds life, tenderness, credibility and tension. ”  — J.R

The sound is beautifully soft, musical, detailed and lovely” — W.F

review link sound on sound a feast of metallic and mysterious tones, across all frequency points

 These sounds have so much charisma and personality!   – L.F.

The best bass library I’ve ever came across!”  — A.A

This is an amazing instrument  – one of the coolest sample libraries of 2023″  – T.S..

Sounds pretty bold and amazing! ”  — M.H

“This is WAY more usable than I was expecting, it’s not only for horror score as I was (wrongly) imagining. Wonderful work, once again” — T.F

Another happy customer here, absolutely amazing sounds ! Very classy.   – E.R

What else do you need to know? The link to Wrongtools and your credit card number”  D.E., AudioPluginGuy, ++

Brilliant, as usual.”  – Fl

Beautiful sound guys! Your bookstores are excellent”  — H.B

Wow! Amazing sound!.. Thanks for what you do.” – Q.R

Holy chimichanga! This sounds tasty!   – M.K

More, more, mooooooooooooore!!!!!    – Flep

This is top notch sound design.   – I.C

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Sources :  customer emails, magazine reviews and comments on vi-control

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