Wrongtools ● new release : Plateau


We intend to make instruments that sound alive and organic, inspiring, strange and beautiful. First and foremost by employing the most sophisticated recording technology together with fantastic musicians placed in great sounding rooms. But also by making the instruments sound inspiring and varied. 

Inbound and hidden behind a “FX” button is a scripted bonanza that will give you unorthodox ways of morphing the sounds. These are built up by different kinds of random parameters that simultaneously triggers Kontakts internal envelopes, effects and modulations usually via an XY pad. We utilise random scripted parameters and different sorts of round-robin to recreate some kind of human imperfection in the digital realm. 

opens inbuilt manual Click on the book icon at bottom left in the Instrument, and an integrated quick-help section, with some tooltips,  will reveal it-selves.  

By clicking on the words on the far left (VOL / REV / DLY / etc..) , windows pops up, giving you more controls over each effect. Like attack & release controls that intelligently adjust the ADSR curve of the samples, or reverb and delay length.  

To close these control-windows again, simply click anywhere else.

Depending on what kind of Wrongtools-instrument you are using, the settings  page gives you control over pitchbend range, velocity curve, stereo-width, volume on release samples and other parameters.  The setting button basically just opens all control windows at the same time. 


To assist visually impaired people, we have made the interface scalable. In addition, the controls have pre mapped parametres for Komplete Kontrol units

In “settings view” :

First click the magnifying glass  then click on “!”  and voilà! 

Save instrument (with a new name?) if you want to keep the changes for next time.


With the instrument loaded, simply right-click on any of the controls in Kontakt and click on ‘learn MIDI CC# automation’.  Tell Kontakt which control you want assigned by jiggling it. 

Assignments for XY can be done with LEARN buttons or by setting the number manually. This includes aftertouch CC128 and pitchbend CC129. Cmnd-click on LEARN buttons resets  the X or Y assignments.

Should you need to make finer increment adjustments, hold down SHIFT while dragging the slider.  Then the smallest sliders will be easy to fine-tune. 

Holding Ctrl whilst clicking on any of the instrument parameters will move the control back to its default position 

Purging tracks can be smart to do on instruments with hundreds of samples if the computer is struggling with performance. Kontakt sometimes slips if there are 4-5 loop tracks playing in the same patch. To purge a track or groups click on the square below the mixer fader.  

Soloing : By command clicking, you purge all the other tracks but the one you clicked. 

By routing different tracks in Kontakt to individual tracks in your DAW, you can utilise separate processing, panning and EQ to each.  Handy if you are working in multichannel surround.  Rightclick on the trackname (or symbol) above the track mix slider.  But first you need to configure Kontakt for multiple output tracks.  more info here



Simply add your preferred products to the cart, choose payment method and follow the instructions. As soon as the payment procedure has been completed you will receive an auto-generated mail containing all download links.  

The reality is that the current race-to-the-bottom in the sample-dev industry imposes a downward spiral on the prices. 10-20 years ago it would have been natural to charge $200 or more for these products,but not anymore. Luckily we have a very low overhead, so we can continue to offer professional instruments at a very low price.   

We have just started selling samples, and are trying to puzzle together what the true expenses are.  It could very well be that we’ll need to raise the prices in the near future.  

Having set the prices this cheap, there’s not much headroom. So think of it as we always have a sale

Never say never, but currently, it’s a no. Making great sample-libraries is expensive. It needs to be sustainably priced.   

Of course. You may use the samples in any composition or musical creation.  The only thing you can’t do, is to use the sounds to make new sample-libraries, for example like the ones we make

nobody, unless they have also purchased the same libraries. 

After placing an order you should receive an order confirmation by email almost immediately. The subject of this email is “Your purchase is ready to download!”. If you cannot find this, please check your spam folder.   If you can’t find it there, and you have checked that your payment has gone through, please provide us with an alternative email address.  

if necessary, add us to your contact list to prevent our future messages from being tagged as spam.

Our products are subject to VAT if you are living in any country of the EU. VAT is the tax that is added onto a purchase for orders from certain countries. You will be issued an invoice with VAT specified, VAT registered customers will need to complete their order including VAT and then claim the VAT from your tax-return / HMRC in the usual way. 

If you live outside the EU, you do not need to pay VAT. with the exception of UK, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, Australia and Japan.

Please verify beforehand that you are actually exempted from paying the VAT for purchases in the European Union, otherwise, please ignore the optional field for the company name and VAT Number.

Downloaded libraries can’t be returned, so we can’t provide refunds.  There are stripped-down simple demos patches available for most products. Please download and check out these demos if you are in doubt, before purchasing. 

As stated on all product pages as well as the checkout page, our products require the full retail version  of KONTAKT,  updated to the latest version.  Please make sure you understand and meet this prerequisite before purchasing. Unfortunately we cannot grant refunds if you purchase our products without understanding this requirement. 

At checkout you can choose to be added to our mailing list. We will not share your details with any third party, and you are free to unsubscribe from the list at any time.

Please follow THIS link to review the End-User License Agreement (EULA) for Wrongtools products    


Links will be provided to you on email after payment is registered. 

We use Amazons S3 servers for our files, a reliable distribution network that will give you speedy downloads where-ever you are.   Most likely, things should  work like buttersmooth.  But note that as some of our files are pretty large, we don’t recommend downloading many files at the same time. Should download stop, try restarting your browser or connect on a different network. Also, probably smart if your machine doesn’t go into sleep mode during the download.

Have you checked how much free space you have on your harddisk?  You’ll need at least double the size of the library, since the machine will need space to Unzip the files. 

Unzipping usually happens automatically. If not, we tend to use KEKA for OSX and WinZip for Windows when we unzip files . They both work great!  

If an error message pops up while unzipping, it is likely that your machine haven’t downloaded the whole file. Please try to download with another browser. 

Your purchased libraries will be available in your-account, under the “downloads” tab. 


We have set a limit on the number of downloads. Should you wish to install on another of your computers, the best approach is probably to copy the library from your own copy. Should you need to reset your download count, you will need to get in touch with us by simply sending us a note. The download limitation is just a safeguard against illegitimate access to an account.


No account is needed, but you might want one. Anyone may download demos or download libraries, however you must obtain a verified account to download, get updates, get free-stuff and utilise some of the upcoming advanced functions on the website.  Please complete the information on the registration page and you will be able to sign in once the machines have verified your details.  

Login to your account. On the left you will see “account details” go to ‘Change Password’ on the following screen and click ‘save changes’

Login to your account. Click address or “account details” in the menu and on the following screen change the details and click ‘save changes’. 

We love to give away freebies in the account area. They will be in constant flux, so better grab them while you’re there.


To use our instruments, you need to have the full retail version of the latest version of KONTAKT by NATIVE-INSTRUMENTS.  You also need to have a Digital Audio Workstation program, a DAW, installed,  that can run KONTAKT by NATIVE-INSTRUMENTS.

To use our instruments, you need to have the full retail version of the latest version of KONTAKT by NATIVE-INSTRUMENTS.  

No extra  installation is necessary. Simply open the instruments like any other KONTAKT instrument. 

If you get this message you will need to Update your version of Kontakt. You do this through Native-Instruments Native access’

No, you must have the full retail latest-version of KONTAKT by NATIVE-INSTRUMENTS.  

You will be able to load the patches in Complete Control, with the FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT by NATIVE-INSTRUMENTS and you will be able to view certain controls and parameters on NKS compatible hardware.

If so, then you are probably using the free version of Kontakt or one of the FREE demo patches downloaded from our website. Please make sure you have the full retail version of FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT by NATIVE-INSTRUMENTS

We continuously try to improve our instruments.  The newest version will always be available in your account.   To find our which version your downloaded instrument is, click on the BOOK icon (bottom left). Then this window will pop up.  


Batch resaving (theoretically) accelerates loading times and checks that everything is installed correctly.

To perform a Batch resave, select ‘batch re-save’ from the file menu in Kontakt. Click ‘Yes’ then locate the libraries instruments folder on your hard drive and click ‘choose’. More info HERE. This can resolve issues with missing samples message for a Kontakt library.

Should there actually be files missing, the the best way get things in order is to re-download the library. 

I have no sound when I load the instrument and the interface says : “Audio device not connected”.  

First check the track in your DAW if the Kontakt plug-in is turned ON. If yes, then proceed to check settings in Kontakt Option Panel”.   Try to reset your output configuration in the Option Panel.  Set your output configuration so that it has stereo tracks, and not mono tracks.  

If you use VEP, try to send in some MIDI signals, and the “Audio device not connected” dialogue will disappear 

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