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The library is a rich navigation of excited, occasionally illuminated fragile textural string timbres. Over 100 intimate patches that pulverize under the surface of disruption. Fragmented nuanced pianissimo timbres and breath-like tones that unfolds episodically.

string sample library
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Standard articulations played softly. Multi-patches with articulation switcher.  Switch between various related playing styles in one patch.  The overlay function lets you play several articulations at the same time (hold SHIFT while choosing).


Similar takes layered on top of eachother. For example different SulPont takes, or SulTasto takes. Hold SHIFT while choosing articulations to overlay.

strings kontakt user interface with feathers
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gravity reversed string category
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Patches with a sense of constant development, and varies as you move Modwheel through the different dynamic layers. Use modwheel to crossfade between playingstyles and timbres.

Starter-patches made entirely with the use of the mighty sound-shaping sculpt tool from the recorded string samples. The sculpt modes let you create mysterious evolving soundscapes, smeared walls of sound or scatteded plucky rivers in no time. Play with the XY pad and let the electronics emerge in and out of focus and shadow the materials. 

feathersome sound scultptering
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at a glance
  • Pendulum patches (patches recorded for elegant overlaps, control with modwheel)
  • Articulation switcher control by ks or cc
  • Arrhythmic unlimited sound sculptering
  • Adjustable custom ir reverbs
  • 3 included signals – Close, Decca Tree and Flank
  • Upto 3 rr
  • Random Sample-Start (Optional)
  • Simulated round-robin (Optional)
  • 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello
  • Recorded in a dry scoring stage for mixing flexibility
  • Lots of instruments and coherent nuanced timbres
violin feathered sample library
Bowed string-quartet patches with where beautiful acoustic textures constantly evolves and shifts. Modwheel is programmed to modulate between layers and suitable articulations
The  mixer tracks has a channel strip where you may do additional tweaks. Channels can be routed to individual tracks in your DAW, which is practical when surround mixing
string ensemble eq and width
strings samples creative manipulations

The XY pad based sculpturing, opens up whole new worlds. It’s a mighty sound-shaping tool that morph the sounds into synth-glides, sadistic filters, mysterious soundscapes, evolving atmospheres, smeared walls of sound or scatteded plucky rivers in no time.


load/save universal settings

magnify user interface

velocity curve option will help you adjust the instrument to your playing style

Articulations switching from KS or CC


Simulated round-robin option where nearby samples are swapped in

strings sample library advanced settings
The interface is 2size scalable.  Simple to look at, easy to play, and with advanced options available behind every control


  • pulverized articulations
  • tasto long articulations
  • tremolo articulations
  • aa adlib stacc sul tasto dolce
  • flautando vari tempo and dynamics
  • on a thin wire (sulpont velocity mapped)
  • pulverized small crescs
  • sulpont flutetones
  • sultasto flutelike
  • trem sul tasto pp
  • ultra sultasto


  • erratic waves layered 
  • flautando vari tempos layered 
  • overlapping swells layered
  • pulverized whisps layered
  • restless polyrhythm layered
  • sulpont flutetones layered
  • thin timbres layered
  • ultra sultasto layered
  • vari trems layered
  • [mw] tasto – modwheel adds layers
  • [mw] trem – modwheel adds layers


  • [mw] airy tones pp -x- airy tones fast bowing mf 
  • [mw] aspelov -x- opens fluffy vib
  • [mw] cellular carpet -x- stronger transparent
  • [mw] col legno tratto -x- flautando trem layered
  • [mw] col legno tratto -x- flautando trem
  • [mw] coldness -x- rich flautando vib
  • [mw] flautando -x- for bow intensity
  • [mw] flautando -x- to ice timbre
  • [mw] fragile tones -x- circular bowing
  • [mw] free form interlude -x- more layers
  • [mw] hopeful overtones -x- sulpont
  • [mw] icy tone gets -x- colder
  • [mw] nervous tastos -x- bow pressure
  • [mw] non symetric waves -x- fuller sound
  • [mw] overlapping swells -x- dynamics
  • [mw] overlapping swells -x- opens sound
  • [mw] restless polyrhythm -x- variation
  • [mw] short waves -x- flautando
  • [mw] slow flautando -x- tasto vib
  • [mw] slow flautando -x- velocity
  • [mw] stoptrill note hiccups -x- overlapping swells
  • [mw] sulp overtones p -x- dynamics
  • [mw] sulpont -x- for dynamics
  • [mw] tasto vib -x- triggers trem
  • [mw] tenuto overlaps -x- triggers vib
  • [mw] tratto bow -x- opens tasto
  • [mw] trem sulp -x- to tasto trem
  • [mw] trem tasto -x- flautando fast
  • [mw] trem tasto circle movements -x- pp to mp
  • [mw] trems slow circles -x- to tasto trem
  • [mw] trems varitempo sulp -x- to tasto
  • [mw] ultra tasto -x- overlapping waves
  • [mw] vari flautando -x- vari trem
  • [mw] vari octave movements -x- cello stoptrill 
  • [mw] varitempo trems -x- bow pressure
  • [mw] warm tasto -x- vari sulp
  • [mw] wooden sordino -x- adds overtones 


  • a fable, myth, or fantasy 
  • ancient mighty people
  • atypical
  • baby gonna leave me
  • balls and pins
  • being in the world
  • bubbling pond
  • burial mounds
  • by the shore
  • colosseum
  • computec
  • crypto bleeping
  • darn that dream
  • december night sky 
  • dragons
  • earth sphere
  • einsteins buffy
  • emission bursts
  • evening program
  • eyes closed
  • flying over
  • friction ode
  • glory
  • gone for good
  • gritty anger
  • grounded with creaps
  • hangar insects
  • heart of cosmos
  • hidden miserere
  • human migration
  • hyena glide
  • i had myself a true love
  • i shrink – therefore i am 
  • improper authorities 
  • inside cloud
  • inside the inside
  • karma rainfall
  • kiss me
  • kveldstid
  • last piece
  • last sunrise
  • leaky accordeon
  • left alone
  • legends
  • life goes on
  • long way home
  • lots of notes
  • lumetric
  • luminous brew
  • lush
  • magnetism bask
  • melody with unknown instrument
  • metropolitan glide
  • mirage
  • modern mortality
  • morning after
  • much stuff going on
  • neuromodern
  • niagra
  • nobody else but me
  • noise level
  • now and even to the end
  • october
  • old barn
  • on the nickel
  • on top of everything
  • orbital debris
  • other days
  • oxide paradigm
  • oxide roads
  • packed subway
  • passacaglia
  • perseus
  • picture in a frame
  • pingpong music
  • quasi, neo, pseudo, echo, 
  • radiophone
  • rainoid
  • reborn
  • remembers
  • rocket building
  • saint salvador
  • sanatorium drilling
  • sandhill waltz
  • sandstorm ending
  • shadows moving
  • sniffing on bad stuff
  • social studies
  • space time
  • spirer
  • stormy phase
  • swarm of nice insects
  • synth poem
  • the reality gourmet
  • this sound is you
  • threading through needle
  • tremolo wind
  • veritas
  • weightless journey
  • wind melotron
  • wings i’ve lost in dreams
  • wings of your love
  • world connectivity


Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window

channel strips

A collection of in-built IRs

3 Mic signals ;

  • Close (Coles 4038 Ribbon + Schoeps MK41),
  • Tree (Decca w Neumann omni set u87s),
  • Flank (Left & Right Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin Nx )


Nuanced, sometimes fragile fragmented tones in a variety of contours and shapes.

  • Creative and inspiring approaches to the Featherlike strings sound.

1150 samples


initial release

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