String Quartet Sample library cover

String Quartet Sample Library

Fragmented Nuanced Breathlike Strings that Unfolds Episodically

Made for KONTAKT [full]

_Feathersome Strings VST


59 ++




5.9 GB

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String Quartet ensemble patches with a sense of constant development. 

Strings Ensemble Sample library
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strings logic pro x
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Pendulum Patches

Use modwheel to crossfade between dynamic layers, playingstyles and timbres.

Tainted Patches

For patches in the “Tainted” folder, the XY pad lets the electronics emerge in and out of focus, and shadow the materials. 

feathersome sound scultptering
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Bowed strings quartet ensemble articulations with evolving timbres.

Sounds like :

String Quartet Sample Library

Recorded in a 80m2 scoring stage and mixed down to 3 signals : Close, Decca Tree and Flank


  • 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello ensemble patches
  • Pendulum patches (x-fade with modwheel)
  • Articulation switcher control by ks or cc
  • Arrhythmic unlimited sculptering
  • Random Sample-Start (Optional)
  • Simulated round-robin (Optional)
  • Recorded in a 80m2 scoring stage
  • 3 signals – Close, Decca Tree and Flank
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The Sculpturing Engine can transform sounds into lush, organic timbres that evolve over time. Even small sounds can be magnified in size and scope.

art - Quest for Perception of depth


You may also enjoy multiple patches with different layers of articulations weaved together in same patch. Use modwheel to morph through different layers


string ensemble eq and width


strings sample library advanced settings
strings ensemble sample library for KONTAKT

A rich navigation of excited, occasionally illuminated textural string quartet timbres. 

strings feathered samples
Range on all patches is that the cello will play in solo from C2, then the viola+cello together from C3. At the top register only violins play.

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strings samples creative manipulations

The XY pad based sculpturing control, opens up whole new worlds. Morph the sounds into synth-glides, sadistic filters, mysterious soundscapes, evolving atmospheres, smeared walls of sound or scatteded plucky rivers in no time.

In the bottom row, there will be a row of articulation toggles for instruments with KS and CC control


With a user interface that is easy to play, and with advanced options available behind every control

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

a wealth of strings patches to explore

spread sound image

strings kontakt instrument with optional tweakability with a mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

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2size scalable interface


“Knock me over with a feather! “


” Beautiful stuff, always love what you guys do”


” This is one delicate, classy, inspiring library. Had finally the chance to start putting it to work. Recommended!”


“I love how sparse and randomly these swarm-like scattered articulations were recorded. Must have taken the players a lot of restraint to not do too much. Very useful!”


“Feathersome is an anthology of soft tones, almost overwhelming but in a good way  ..some of those articulations seem to be unique in the sampling world. Hats off to the players !

E. Rousseau

“Vivid unusual patches that adds life, tenderness, credibility and tension. “

Jeff R

“Gorgeous library of textures and tones you simply just can’t get from a standard string library.”


“I just like to mention that I am loving how this library sounds with close voicings, dissonances and even quartertones. It is quite amazing ! I don’t know how you guys did it but…you did it ! Also plays beautiful stuff…beautifully :D”



“gorgeous and original”

Included is a vast range of patches designed to slowly evolve over time. Plus a pile of inspiring mutations based on single-articulations and our sound-sculpting engines. 


5.9 GB of space

  • Randomizing Capabilities
  • Round-robin options
  • Sample Start options
  • Keyswitch options
  • Mighty sound-shaping tool
  • 1150 samples
  • 59 ++ patches

Nuanced, fragmented string quartet in a variety of contours and shapes


Update 1.1 changelog

(build 0.192 / Sculpt 0009) :

tweak : some XY sculpt parameters didn’t load correctly on slower systems
tweak : Improved bottom row buttons
tweak : fixed mysterious blindspot in middle of UI.
tweak : Transpose/Pitchbend/Samplestart functions improved

We’ve been also working on stuff like level load times, DAW integration, menu and interface etc., improving the recognition level of all the interface button/icons.

v1.0 initial release

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