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Fragmented nuanced string ensemble timbres and breath-like tones that unfolds episodically

String Quartet Sample library cover

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string ensemble user interface VST


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Strings Ensemble Sample library
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string sample library
strings logic pro x
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String Quartet ensemble patches with a sense of constant development. Use modwheel to crossfade between dynamic layers, playingstyles and timbres.

In the “Tainted” patches, the XY pad lets the electronics emerge in and out of focus, and shadow the materials. 

feathersome sound scultptering
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This Strings Sample library for KONTAKT, is a rich navigation of excited, occasionally illuminated textural string timbres. 

Modwheel is programmed to modulate between coherent articulations in the Pendulum patches.

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at a glance
  • 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello ensemble patches layered in inspiring ways
  • Pendulum patches (x-fade with modwheel)
  • Articulation switcher control by ks or cc
  • Arrhythmic unlimited sculptering
  • Random Sample-Start (Optional)
  • Simulated round-robin (Optional)
  • Recorded in a dry scoring stage for mixing flexibility 
  • 3 signals – Close, Decca Tree and Flank
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Bowed strings ensemble patches with constantly evolving timbres. Naturally the cello will play alone from C2, then the viola+cello together from C3. At the highest register you’ll only hear violins.

The  mixer tracks has a channel strip where you may do additional tweaks. Channels can be routed to individual tracks in your DAW.

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string ensemble eq and width
strings samples creative manipulations

The XY pad based sculpturing, opens up whole new worlds. It’s a mighty sound-shaping tool that morph the sounds into synth-glides, sadistic filters, mysterious soundscapes, evolving atmospheres, smeared walls of sound or scatteded plucky rivers in no time.


load/save universal settings

magnify user interface

velocity curve option 

Articulations switching from KS or CC


Simulated round-robin option

strings sample library advanced settings
recording studio

Review Dominique Ehrenbaum / AudioPluginGuy : “The uniqueness of the library comes from the samples. And these are, without the slightest doubt, gorgeous and original.”

The interface is 2size scalable.  Simple to look at, easy to play, and with advanced options available behind every control


Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window

channel strips

A collection of in-built IRs

3 Mic signals ;

  • Close (Coles 4038 Ribbon + Schoeps MK41),
  • Tree (Decca w Neumann omni),
  • Flank (Left & Right Sennheiser MKH 800 Twin Nx)


Nuanced, fragmented tones in a variety of contours and shapes.

1150 samples


initial release

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