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Fragmented nuanced breathlike strings that unfolds episodically.

Designed to help film composers bring their strings to life

String Quartet Sample library cover

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string ensemble user interface VST


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Strings Ensemble Sample library
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string sample library
strings logic pro x
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String Quartet ensemble patches with a sense of constant development. Use modwheel to crossfade between dynamic layers, playingstyles and timbres.

In the “Tainted” patches, the XY pad lets the electronics emerge in and out of focus, and shadow the materials. 

feathersome sound scultptering
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A rich navigation of excited, occasionally illuminated textural string timbres. 

Modwheel is programmed to modulate between coherent articulations in the Pendulum patches.

gravity reversed string category
at a glance
  • 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello ensemble patches
  • Pendulum patches (x-fade with modwheel)
  • Articulation switcher control by ks or cc
  • Arrhythmic unlimited sculptering
  • Random Sample-Start (Optional)
  • Simulated round-robin (Optional)
  • Recorded in a 80m2 scoring stage
  • 3 signals – Close, Decca Tree and Flank
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Bowed strings patches with constantly evolving timbres. Naturally the cello will play alone from C2, then the viola+cello together from C3. At the highest register only violins.

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string ensemble eq and width


strings sample library advanced settings
strings samples creative manipulations

The XY pad based sculpturing, opens up whole new worlds. It’s a mighty sound-shaping tool that morph the sounds into synth-glides, sadistic filters, mysterious soundscapes, evolving atmospheres, smeared walls of sound or scatteded plucky rivers in no time.

recording studio
The interface is 2size scalable.  Simple to look at, easy to play, and with advanced options available behind every control

” Sounds great without being bespoke, augmented, or on the edge. Knock me over with a feather! “


” Beautiful stuff, always love what you guys do”


” Congratulations on the release of this brilliant and unique collection of strings sounds. I have to say this is something else entirely and the instrument definitely adds to every composer’s palette of beautiful soft spoken string sounds. “

Dr. Emmet

” This is one delicate, classy, inspiring library. Had finally the chance to start putting it to work. Recommended!”


“Would you please stop or slow down the pace that you’re releasing so many interesting libraries?”


“Congrats on the release, great job! The sound is beautifully soft, musical, detailed and lovely.. just as the name suggests. It contains some beautiful articulations I never heard before. Really makes me wonder how they were produced (and I’m not talking about the sound design patches). Personally, I think it’s often way harder to create something really soft, subtle and sparse than something epic, and you absolutely accomplished this mission. I love how sparse and randomly these swarm-like scattered articulations were recorded. Must have taken the players a lot of restraint to not do too much. Very useful stuff!”


“Feathersome is an anthology of soft tones, almost overwhelming but in a good way  ..some of those articulations seem to be unique in the sampling world. Hats off to the players !

E. Rousseau

“Vivid unusual patches that adds life, tenderness, credibility and tension. “

Jeff R

“Gorgeous library of textures and tones you simply just can’t get from a standard string library.”


“I just like to mention that I am loving how this library sounds with close voicings, dissonances and even quartertones. It is quite amazing ! I don’t know how you guys did it but…you did it ! Also plays beautiful stuff…beautifully :D”



“gorgeous and original”


Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window
channel strips

Custom-made in-built IRs

Online User Handbook

3 Mic signals :

  • Close
  • Decca Tree
  • Flank


Nuanced, fragmented tones in a variety of contours and shapes.

1150 samples


initial release

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