Glass Percussion

Distinctive percussive strikes from cups and glass in different size and shapes

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This sample library embarks on an exploration of the niche world of glass clink sounds, celebrating their intrinsic qualities without the need for grand musical architectures.


It also includes some different glass-river textures and soundscapes made by bowing, trembling and tapping on several glasses simultaneously.


Sounds from various empty glasses in different size and shapes. And with a clear sound quality that makes it easy to blend into different styles of music or percussion sections.


films created with initial first version of the library

“Glass Percussion” features a variety of glass sounds, including clinks, clanks and clunks.

Recorded in a drumbooth, capturing the nuanced nuances of glass as it’s struck, struck, and struck again.  

Intensify an action sequence with some hefty 32th note rhythmical glass clinking figures, and lift that chorus to a higher ground.

This sample-library explores a wide array of straight-forward glass strokes. Focusing on their clean innate characteristics, without attempting to create any larger musical structures.

glass percussion - vase and big glass

Different mic positions allows for placing and adjusting the instruments to your mix. 

The “Glass Percussion” user interface is intuitive and easy to play with advanced options behind all the controls 

large version of glass percussion library for Kontakt


There is also a little collection of glass “river” texture instruments, made by bowing, tapping or trembling. These are flimatic instruments that can colour and texture your music in tactile ways. And if you start up the FX engine, you can create ever- evolving glass-river-like oddities.

The [FX]  button on the bottom row, opens a scripted effect bonanza. It will give you countless ways of morphing your sounds and combining various, sometimes randomised, parameters with a XY pad. 



Because of the transient nature of glass-clinks, the “sample-start” slider and “random sample-start button” is a great tool to colour the sounds further,  to create  variation. 

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

a wealth of single hits

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

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Distinctive Glass And Cups Samples were carefully recorded and mapped to multiple velocity layers. Then tuned in pitch within KONTAKT so that you can play them in your preferred tonality. You may use them as melodic percussion, as well as light perc or deep clanks. 

The library includes many of presets with a wide dynamic range. You can put them to use in your rhythm section right away, or explore what happens when you engage with the in-built inspiring sound-sculpting engine.

Using Glass As Percussion

Glass, as a primary vibrating substance, responds to the delicate strokes and hits. Within this sonic realm, we find ourselves presented with two distinct paths. 


These untamed, untuned treasures find their place within the perc section without hesitation. Their non-tonal short taps or notes blend seamlessly into an already vibrant palette of percs, creating a rich tapestry of rhythms.

Among the milk glass instruments at our disposal, some produce definite pitches, offering composers the tools they need to harmonize with their compositions. It’s important to note that certain instruments in our collection are found objects, their inherent tunings often elusive and challenging to refine.



  • brown glass
  • chinese tea cups
  • glass crystal
  • glass ensemble
  • glass dekor
  • glass jar
  • glass jug
  • glass large 1
  • glass large 2
  • glass large 3
  • glass melk
  • glass shiny
  • glass small
  • glass thick
  • glass vase
  • glass bow
  • glass chimes
  • deep glass
  • klirr elves
  • future buildings
  • glass dome 1
  • glass dome 2
  • klirr river
  • softest river
  • storm in glass


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  • Current version : 2.0
  • build 0.184
  • sculpt 0006

in-built  custom  IRs

additional bonus IR set for your preferred IR plug-in

Multiple mic signals


  • 5265 samples
  • extra bonus IR set
  • 25 patches


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