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Runebomme is a Ceremonial Framedrum used by the Sámi people of Norway







1.98 GB

folk drum virtual instrument

Sampled ceremonial framedrum aided by very detailed dynamic range.


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Recorded dry via the finest microphones and pre-amps.  Two stereo mic positions (close & room), and through a vintage Studer 169 desk. Included are also two separate vintage spring reverb tubes tracks, for retro mountainy Epic’ness

folk drum samples
virtual midi drum patterns


Hits recorded over many dynamic layers with different beaters and numerous round robins.  Single hits recorded with mallets, sticks, hands and fingers. 

The user interface is intuitive and easy to play with. 

Explore new sonic and expressive possibilities with the FX engine. Spark your framedrums with some randomly triggered cinematic threaded beautifulness.

shaman with runebomme - public domain

Designed to immerse composers in the emotional highs and lows of their percussion section, kindling goose-bumps along the journey.

Encompasses recordings of folk drums used by the Sámi people of Norway. The drum, also known as Runebomme, are used in traditional Sámi music.

The drum is typically made from a hollowed-out log or tree trunk, and it is played with a stick or beater. To create our Runebomme sample library, we recorded a variety of models. Often hitting two or three at the same time.

We are not specialists in authentic playing styles, so we went with whatever we thought sounded best. 

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

a wealth of patches to explore

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

buy now, download later or instantly

The interface is simple to look at. Easy to play, and with advanced options available behind every control

The library includes club mallets and finger hits and slides, with an array of custom-designed special effect instrument patches.  Add on to that, an unlimited range of sound-sculpting options.

folk drum from norway samples
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folk drum samples
"I'm a player and huge fan of frame drums so I have a ton of libraries with them. This one sounds great and easily stands up to the best of them. The bite on the medium size is just spot on. Kudos for creating such an excellent sounding library."
virtual midi drum patterns


Multi patches :

  • Runebomme – all patches
  • Runebomme – KS 
  • Runebomme – lrg-med.-small
  • Runebomme – slides

Epic Settings :

  • Runebomme all patches epic
  • Runebomme lrg-medium-small epic
  • Runebomme slides epic
  • Runebomme club damp epic
  • Runebomme large center epic
  • Runebomme large center off-center epic
  • Runebomme medium body epic
  • Runebomme medium edge epic
  • Runebomme rim epic



Individual Dry Patches :

  • Runebomme club damp
  • Runebomme hand loose damping
  • Runebomme large center off-center
  • Runebomme large center
  • Runebomme med large center
  • Runebomme medium body
  • Runebomme medium club
  • Runebomme medium edge
  • Runebomme medium fingerdamp
  • Runebomme medium fingers
  • Runebomme medium hand damp
  • Runebomme medium mallet
  • Runebomme medium rattle
  • Runebomme rim
  • Runebomme slide 1
  • Runebomme slide 2
  • Runebomme slide nail
  • Runebomme small


Direct download

A collection of in-built IRs

Upto 3rr x 13 velocity layers

4 SIGNALS : 2 mic positions (close/room) and 2 stereo spring reverb tracks.


  • Current version v.2.0
  • build (0.184)
  • 32 patches
  • 2593 samples
  • bonus IR set for framedrums


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