Two Elderly Table-Top Zithers

Hammered For The World Of Folk Music As Well As Film- And Game Music
hakkebrett front cover

Hakkebrett is a Nordic folklore folk sample- library that shines at the top, in addition to having a punchy sounding lower- register.  It’s ideal for wizardry film music, traditional and ethnic music genres. 

virtual dulcimer death festival drawing

Hakkebrett, our zither sample library, consists of two table-top zithers sampled for Kontakt. We hammered the strings with small sticks in 5 dynamics layers X 3 round robins.

dancing to Wrongtools VST dulcimer
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demo made with the initial v1.0 release

closeup of dulcimer MIDI

We discovered that when struck with thin mallets, the strings produces a clearer resonance. Each note rings out with a cleaner mesmerizing quality, creating a soothing and enchanting sound.  Mics were placed super-close to the instruments, as we focused in in piano / pianissimo layers.





hammered dulcimer Sampling
at a glance text about specs for our kontakt vst
  • Table-top zithers (one dark- and one bright- sounding)
  • Up to 5 dynamic layers for expressive performances
  • 3 normal round-robins for unmatched realism
  • Keyboard responsiveness adjustments
  • Full sustained tones
  • 1039 samples
  • Bonus patches
  • Sound Sculpt Options
  • Custom ir reverbs
zither mic positions

The musician focused on hitting the strings with a really light and quick touch.  Many of mics that were later mixed down to stereo tracks, as multiple mic positions didn’t make sense in this library.

Step into the shoes of the Norwegian storytellers, the wandering bards, and the soulful minstrels. The Folklore Zither Sample Library by Wrongtools invites you to weave your own sonic tales.


A notable feature of this zither sample library is its long ringing sustains. Notes linger in the air, allowing for expressive and distinct long lasting performances. 

Hakkebrett is characterised by its rich timbre that can pretty much cut through any arrangement.  We also made some textural sound-design patches for the library. 





zither design cover shape



The interface is programmed to be 2 size scalable.

zither virtual instrument settings view

Behind every control and in the settings view, you’ll find advanced settings. The velocity curve option will help you adjust the instrument to your playing style.

A zither library, with  brilliantly clear bright overtones and a glimmering charming, playful & wonderful touch. Playable from any setup that runs Kontakt (retail version)

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

5 velocity layers and 3 round robins serves as your base for a highly expressive touch

spread sound image

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

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By combining two different table-top zithers, and tuning them differently, we got a wide keyrange range. Two different sounds that you may play up against each other, or use in unison.


  • hammered zithers
  • chord carpet
  • stabbur
  • threaded
  • variations :
  • black hole fun
  • bonded lead
  • chopper flux
  • clever till it hurts
  • ear candy for the masses
  • futuristic asian
  • gamma pulse
  • hammered zither less attack
  • haunted austin
  • hermeneutic
  • house of haunted vinyl
  • invisible threads
  • jig is up
  • not your bitch
  • opening kyrie
  • package
  • pre universal
  • red star
  • shattering cream
  • shining in
  • sissy studs
  • tarantela lfo drive
  • the saint
  • the way of the yogi
  • void atmos
  • wonder pus


Two Table-Top Zithers sampled for the world of folk and ethnic music as well as film-  and game music.


  A collection of in-built   IRs

Deep samples zither recorded with the finest equipment and mics. Captured with an extra focus on the high end spectrum.  And softer hammering.


1039 ncw samples

Up to 5 velocity layers x 3rr 



Update v2.2 changelog

  • (build 0.192 / Sculpt 0009) :
  • Major update to the script engine
  • Added new and improved patches
  • Improved playability and effects
  • various bugs and fixes

Update v2.1 changelog

(build 0.185 / Sculpt 0006) :

release-samples volume bug fix
fixed so that sample start adjustments not affecting releasesamples
larger button canvas makes buttons easier to click

Update 2.0 changelog

(build 0.184 / Sculpt 0006) :

improved general performance
additional patches
improved visuals and fonts
new settings options
channel strips
improved pitchshift
pitchshift range
transpose function
load/save menu
Samplestart adjuster
Signal purging for saving RAM,
+many minor improvements

v1.0 initial release

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