Feathersome Strings, string quartet vst,  showcases aleatoric articulations that unfold slowly, guided by the performer’s distinct character and movements within each sample. Recorded with proximity and a dry ambience, these sounds serve as a canvas for introducing unforeseen nuances, intricate detailing, and imaginative irregularities. This library isn’t designed for rapid phrases or soaring melodies. Instead, it finds its forte in the realm of naturalistic pads, ideal for enhancing underscoring or crafting ethereal soundscapes.

violin feathered sample library

Our String Quartet goes beyond the traditional violins, cello and viola; it’s an emotionally charged symphony. Every note is meticulously crafted to harmonize with your artistic vision, immersing your compositions in authentic nuances.

Embark on unique musical adventures with our strings. Uncover unexpected subtleties, intricate details, and imaginative variations on this exclusive canvas. Trusted by renowned composers and producers worldwide, Our Strings has left its mark in film scores, video games, classical compositions, and contemporary music.


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