A toy piano is a small, miniature keyboard instrument designed primarily for children’s amusement and early music education. It typically consists of a small keyboard with 25 to 36 keys, which are made of plastic or metal and are much smaller than those on a standard piano. Toy pianos are often brightly colored and can come in various shapes and sizes.

The sound produced by a toy piano is quite distinct and charming. It is characterized by its soft and tinkling tones, often described as whimsical or magical. Toy pianos are usually equipped with small hammers that strike metal or plastic rods or bars to create these tones. The simplicity of their design and construction makes them easy for children to play and enjoy.

Toy Piano Kontakt Instrument

Toy Piano Kontakt Instrument

While toy pianos are primarily intended as children’s toys, they have also found their way into music composition and experimentation. Many professional musicians and composers have used toy pianos in their work to add a unique and nostalgic quality to their compositions.

Wrongtools flagship toy piano is called Bell-Tone Piano, and is a sampled Kontakt Instrument where they have recorded and captured a French vintage well-sounding high quality instrument.

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