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Development blog

  • ever-growing manual

    added more info to the user handbook. + starting pre-order for Nodal bass


    We’ll be in Austin next week for SXSW. Say hi if you’re around

  • deeper and deeper

    Our first analog-bass library is soon ready! 26 analog sound devices was used in the making. Captured through boutique hardware straight to a top-notch AD converter.

  • build 188

    Working on some adjustments in the send-delay setup. Started finalising what we believe will become the finest bass-sample library in the history of samples.

  • build 187

    We’re proud to implement an improved sculpt engine in our upcoming metal sounding kontakt library, Parallelogram.

  • Sound sculpt modes

    fixed : some XY sculpt parameters didn’t load correctly on slower systems.

  • blindspot

    Improvements added to upcoming updates and releases : Improved bottom row buttons, fixed mysterious blindspot in middle of UI. Transpose/Pitchbend/Samplestart functions improved, as well as a more musical responding XY setup for certain sculpts. Merry x-mas!

  • load times

    Implementing glide and portamento on a major upcoming release. We’ve been also working on stuff like level load times, DAW integration, menu and interface etc., improving the recognition level of all the interface button/icons.

  • pre-orders

    Shipping out all pre-orders for Oz at midnight CET
  • leveled up on security

    We take security very seriously here at Wrongtools.com Nothing would be worse than someone getting access to our database. Core vitals has now been moved to a safer location.

  • update

    Runebomme sample library, is updated to v2.0. More patches and an extra IR bonus set is added. As well as general improvements.

    folk drum from norway samples
  • update

    Our first release, the glass and klirr library, is updated to v2.0

    Percussion on glass samples
  • button canvas size

    We’re improving the user interface interaction and feel. Adding transparent canvas space around buttons and switches. So that these will be easier to hit with the mouse. Will be included on all upcoming updates.

  • more numbers

    Putting in place a better invoice and accounting system for the site and our customers.

  • Sinober

    celebrating first 8000 orders at Sinober Fjellstue (that’s 8000 incl. freebies)

  • adding content

    We are celebrating the Clavinet-harp library by adding 51 variation patches and updating it to version 2.0

  • updates

    Almost ALL of our instruments are now updated. Latest versions available in the “download-tab” in your account.

  • improving functionality

    At the moment we are focused on creating some new and innovative functionality to our line of upcoming instruments! Looking forward to share it all.

  • more functionality

    Improving the Wrongtools Manual. Want to make it as short as possible.

    documentation user hand book sampler instruments kontakt
  • combining

    Combined the beating acoustic bass strings libs

  • Spellchecking

    Working through the site improving text with the help of a handy free site called Hemmingway.

  • 1 year and counting

    After a journey, exceeding our wildest expectations and imaginations, we are celebrating 1year anniversary.

    During these development stages, we have learned so much more than any other composer project could have taught us. And we now got another motivation to get to work in the morning. And a reason for keep on booking musicians. Some of our customers have become our dear friends along the way.

  • love & attention

    Some love and attention has been given to the electric guitar library. Updating it directly from version 1.0 to 2.0

  • Lo-bit grit

    Major update to the lo-bit synth Soloist library uploaded!

  • cleaning css

    Upgraded the site with a cleaner looking account area.

  • invoices – back online

    The invoice system has been down for a few days. Reason : We added animated GIFs for the invoice PDFs. Looked great, but not a great idea. obviously.

  • Samplestart

    The newly released PLATEAU is updated to v1.1 with Sample Offset Slider on all 96 patches.

    sample start slider
  • representing

    Say hello if you’re in Austin Texas for SXSW!

  • leveling up

    We’ve had 5000 orders wrongtools.com since August. Feels like a lot! We don’t call it a celebration. We call it levelling up 😉

  • kontakt instruments catalogue

    release schedule

    We have have a plan!

  • overwhelmed

    We’ve just come home from a long week recording over 50 musicians in one of Europes best sounding halls. Now we need to get some rest. This will be a massive editing job.

  • improving stuff

    Fixed an issue with ADSR not going back to previous settings after certain sculpts. A load & save menu where you can store your personal settings, will be available on future updates and releases.

  • oh my

    The pre-orders for Jaguar are blowing the roof off! Looking forward to ship them out to you all on Friday

  • magnify button

    Moving the “Resize Kontakt Window” button to the settings view.

  • Polishes & Fixes

    ALL products updated to v1.2. (not the freebies)

    improved general performance
    improved loading time
    added scalable GUI
    improved menu, visuals and fonts

    Already purchased? You’ll find the files in “your account“.

  • Streamlining shop

    Streamlined the payment system by simplifying things even further. Shopping and downloading from Wrongtools should be a breeze. And we have made products visible and available on our facebook page

  • links are out

    Happy to see that links to all the people who pre-ordered the Runebomme automatically went out this morning. Automation rocks. Hope you will like it! And please share this news to your friends! And thanks very much!!!

  • demosongs

    A whole lot of ´naked´ demos can now be streamed from each of the product pages.

  • future freebies and updates

    An account is – from now on – automatically created when you make an order. This way it will be easier to provide product updates. And it gives us a way to be interactive with our users, and offer freebies etc. We’d ideally prefer to give away freebies to our existing customers, and not always to random visitors.

  • scripting

    We are working very hard on our new release, designing some new mechanisms that allow for a better control over the SCULPT XY-pad section. And to make it run intuitively on different CC controllers as well as aftertouch. We’re ultimately excited to see our little instrument getting shaped up for new versions of Kontakt in the near future!

  • Soundcloud

    We are now also on Soundcloud! Honest and clean demos of each library. Not cluttered with other libraries, external effects or live musicians. Just sounds from the library and preferably one patch at a time.

  • perfect start

    What an incredible journey it’s been! 10 days ago we released our first library! With our team we’ve created something above and beyond what we thought would be possible. We’ve put a lot of work into building a Kontakt instrument code that was tactile and detailed. A Kontakt setup that we think is an ideal approach to working effectively with samples, and that we look forward to develop further. We are so happy for all the fantastic feedback from our first 20 customers 🙂 Thank you all, this was a perfect start for our little company!

    Now that the dust has finally settled after our first little library release, we’ve got some very exciting news we’d like to share. Our next library “DOWN BY LAW” will be out by this Friday !

  • googlespeed 98%, check

    google speed on web shop
    To build this site has been a turbulent journey. Finding good solutions and optimising every little nuance of the page has been a struggle. But now, after updating our CDN we hit a new high on google speed ranking. 98% !! We know, nobody cares. But to us, this is pretty big, and means that we have a good base to continue building this site. Now we’ll probably add something features, and downrank again.
  • hold on to your hat

    We’ve made a poem 💥📖… goes like this :

    “The best samples are like diamonds, precious & rare. Bad samples are like leaves, found everywhere.”

  • Aug. 20, 2021

    Our first release is out! 5000 samples with glass sounds. What have we started? What will Wrongtools become? We have no clue

  • to bump into bad boys

    As we are heading towards the first wrongtools sample library release, we’re continually testing website and fine-tuning tiny details. We‘ve started the most crucial step before the release: debugging! The progress is painful but necessary. Sometimes we do find some creepy bugs, but even though we love them very much, we’ll make sure you’ll never bump into these bad boys!

    oh, and in the account area of wrongtools.com there’s now a freebie for you when you sign-up. Planning to make lots of stuff available in-there at a later stage.

  • It lives

    Today marks the first major update to our site, and a big milestone. We are finally online with a little product, as well as having set up an account area, a faq area and other things that any respectable webshop needs to have

  • Building webshop

    For the last weeks we’ve been deepdiving into the ‘under to hood’ stuff of the webshop.  The goal is to make the payment and accounting sysmten fully automatic – definitely a big learning curve in web development for us! The idea this time round is to have a bulletproof system (isn’t everyone’s!) which takes some time to implement and get right, learning from previous mistakes as we go. Hopefully the additional invested time now, optimizing everything, will be a good investement for the joy of running this company. 

  • Heatwave

    Please read it while all the text is still readable. With the heatwave still lingering around Scandinavia, we can’t guarantee this post won’t melt before it reaches all of you.  With the great help of a new cooling aircondition in the studio, the production of new sample-library is moving forward at a good speed.  We’ve accomplished a lot of work in the past month, and recorded a bunch of unusual instruments and sounds. All for the greater good. 

  • Hi Everyone!

    Welcome to Wrongtools – Our first Sample Library release is not too far away, but we need to make sure that everything is working flawless.  We will get back to you. Many thanks! 

    we’re getting there slowly but steadily! 


    Wrongtools Studio Team

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