Development blog

  • Search and Soloist

    With more products added, we have implemented a search function at for you to quickly find the instruments you need. Also pre-order for Soloist (a deep-sampled vintage synth library) has started

  • Polishes & Fixes

    ALL products updated to v1.2. (not the freebies)

    improved general performance
    improved loading time
    added scalable GUI
    improved menu, visuals and fonts

    Already purchased? You’ll find the files in “your account“.

  • Down by law – gets an update

    The library is updated to v. 1.2 A few sample mappings were fixed, but mostly visual improvements, resizable GUI and upspeeded performance and loading time. Already bought it? Files are available in ‘your account

  • Glass Perc updated

    improved general performance
    faster loading
    added scalable interface
    new menus with better readability🥂 

    If you already own the library, you can just re-download it in your account

  • Streamlining shop

    Streamlined the payment system by simplifying things even further. Shopping and downloading from Wrongtools should be a breeze. And we have made products visible and available on our facebook page

  • links are out

    Happy to see that links to all the people who pre-ordered the Runebomme automatically went out this morning. Automation rocks. Hope you will like it! And please share this news to your friends! And thanks very much!!!

  • demosongs

    A whole lot of ´naked´ demos can now be streamed from each of the product pages.

  • future freebies and updates

    An account is – from now on – automatically created when you make an order. This way it will be easier to provide product updates. And it gives us a way to be interactive with our users, and offer freebies etc. We’d ideally prefer to give away freebies to our existing customers, and not always to random visitors.

  • pre-ordering

    added the possibility to make pre-orders from the website, and marking this by setting up our first pre-order for the upcoming Kontakt library “Sámi drums”.

  • scripting

    We are working very hard on our new release, designing some new mechanisms that allow for a better control over the SCULPT XY-pad section. And to make it run intuitively on different CC controllers as well as aftertouch. We’re ultimately excited to see our little instrument getting shaped up for new versions of Kontakt in the near future!

  • new release

    It’s The Clavinet Harp Release Day!

  • Soundcloud

    We are now also on Soundcloud! Honest and clean demos of each library. Not cluttered with other libraries, external effects or live musicians. Just sounds from the library and preferably one patch at a time.

  • perfect start

    What an incredible journey it’s been! 10 days ago we released our first library! With our team we’ve created something above and beyond what we thought would be possible. We’ve put a lot of work into building a Kontakt instrument code that was tactile and detailed. A Kontakt setup that we think is an ideal approach to working effectively with samples, and that we look forward to develop further. We are so happy for all the fantastic feedback from our first 20 customers 🙂 Thank you all, this was a perfect start for our little company!

    Now that the dust has finally settled after our first little library release, we’ve got some very exciting news we’d like to share. Our next library “DOWN BY LAW” will be out by this Friday !

  • googlespeed check gave us 98%

    To build this site has been a turbulent journey. Finding good solutions and optimising every little nuance of the page has been a struggle. But now, after updating our CDN we hit a new high on google speed ranking. 98% !! We know, nobody cares. But to us, this is pretty big, and means that we have a good base to continue building this site. Now we’ll probably add something stupid, and fall down to under 50% again

  • hold on to your hat

    We’ve made a poem 💥📖… goes like this :

    “The best samples are like diamonds, precious & rare. Bad samples are like leaves, found everywhere.”

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