• Alternative Ways of Playing Clavinet

    Alternative Ways of Playing Clavinet When John Erik Kaada began experimenting with playing directly on the strings of clavinets, developing a unique technique in the process, he unveiled an entirely new soundscape. These sounds likely couldn’t have been produced any other way. This unorthodox method of extracting music from a clavinet showcases the instrument’s versatility …

  • Defining Nordic Sample Libraries

    Defining Nordic Sample Libraries Wrongtools, based in Norway, produces Kontakt sample libraries.  To brand things as “Nordic …” sells.  So a critical question arises:    Should Wrongtools brand itself as a Nordic Sample Developer simply because it originates from Norway?   A term that so worn out by marketing…    We are curious to find out. …

  • Nordic identity" in sampled sounds

    Nordic Identity in Sampled Sounds

    Nordic identity in sampled sounds. Some thoughts.

  • sample libraries from Norway

    Scandinavian Sounds

    SCANDINAVIAN SOUNDS Thoughts about what kinds of sampler instruments we are making, and want to be making. Our mission to making samples is rooted in Norway’s rich musical traditions, yet we actively resist romanticized and nationalistic narratives that conflate these sounds with any innate human traits. Our KONTAKT sample libraries are born from a constructionist …

  • Native Instruments Kontakt Logo emblem

    How to update Kontakt

    How to update Kontakt Updating Native Instruments Kontakt is relatively straightforward, although it may vary slightly depending on your operating system and specific setup.  Updating Kontakt 6: Open Native Access: Native Access is a software provided by Native Instruments to manage your NI products, including updates. If you don’t have Native Access installed, download and …

  • spring percussion, soaring spooky bowed pitches, and subharmonic friction coos

    Mastering Reverb Techniques

    Mastering Reverb Techniques. Working with reverbs, reverb types and settings when orchestrating sampler instruments

  • vst vs au plugins

    How to load Kontakt Instruments and patches

    Methods for Loading Kontakt Patches and Resolving the “Missing Files” Alert. Native Instruments Kontakt Files Tips and tricks

  • tabletop piano

    Making a Piano Sample Library

    How should we approach the makings of new piano sample libraries? A good sample library is much more than a collection of sounds. It’s a blend of uniqueness, realism, versatility, and technological innovation,

  • composer checklist

    The Power of the Checklist When Composing For Films

    checklists help to navigate the complex, multi-faceted process of composing for film, ensuring a thorough and disciplined approach to the creative and practical aspects of scoring

  • Overcoming creative blocks when composing film music 

    Overcoming creative block when composing film music Some tricks and strategies we use to get back in the creative flow: Change Your Environment: Sometimes, a change of scenery can spark new ideas. Move to a different room, work outdoors, or even change your workspace’s lighting and decor to freshen things up. Seek inspiration from new …

  • Analog drum kit Kontakt library installed on laptop

    How to breathe life into your sampler instruments and make your music sound genuinely authentic

    How to breathe life into your sampled instruments and make your music sound genuinely authentic Luckily for us, we live in a time where the quality of sampled instruments has gone through the roof. There are a trillion mindblowingly good sample-libraries out there, and as a film-composer you’ll need a nice little palette of them …

  • Learn to compose with samples and virtual instruments

    Learn to compose with samples and virtual instruments Musical Versatility And Overview Film composers are frequently called upon to craft music that spans a wide spectrum of moods, themes, and genres. While you might have a particular affinity for a niche style, being proficient in orchestration allows you to diversify your creative toolkit. Whether it’s …

  • How to get a job as a film composer

    The first thing you need to do, is to see the perspectives from the other side. See yourselves in the shoes of a director . The more you can establish your presence, the more natural it becomes for you to be considered as the composer for their projects

  • film composer generated

    What are the responsibilities of a film composer?

    A film composers job is a complex blend of artist and technician, dreamer and doer.

  • How to use phase invert

    The principles of inverting phase, stereo-alignment, cancellation, track coherency, and checking for phase-related issues

  • Film Composer’s Quest For Perception Of Depth

    Strive to strike the ideal instrumental balance that captivates and moves audiences.

  • The Ultimate Sample-Library Glossary

    Audio glossary with definitions relating to various aspects of sampling and sample libraries


    an overview over the entire Wrongtools catalogue

  • What is Kontakt ?

    KONTAKT, developed by Native Instruments, is a software sampler that has established itself as the go-to standard for creating high-quality sample libraries

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