sleeve clavinet ambient design


Ambient clavinets sounds metamorphosed to a variety of shapes and folded into a big collection of textured movements

Made for KONTAKT [full]

_Amped electromechanical soundscapes






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What this is

A non-standard KONTAKT-library that takes on a different approach to Clavinets.  

The library offers a wide variety of samples, ranging from haunting drones to shimmering wildflies.

Many of the patches include an anarchy of sound-variations, allowing you to mix and match more expressive and dynamic performances.

recording hohner clavinet

The instrument sampled is like a massive guitar with 60 long guitar-strings. Which inherent many of the possibilities of an electric guitar.  Just that a keyboard with tapping mechanism usually stands in the way for more control over the strings. 

sleeve clavinet ambient design

Strings were set in motion with the use of external objects. Like bow-hairs, ebows, rotating small fan, electrical toothbrush, needles, scrapes, clinkers and feedback.


Made with Hohner Clavinets D6 and E7 as the main instruments. In addition of hardware effects, ebows, many amps to create a layered and rich sound.

Deep and colourful sustained sounds qualities, through different and unusual treatments. Drawing inspirations from bowed guitars sounds and tricks

soundscapes for cinematic scoring


Humbucker pickups on long strings produce a rich sound that is perfect for making rich soundscapes.  Kinda like an “ambient guitar” but with a darker timbre.



Sliders allow you to blend together the different mixes and set the volume levels to your likings. There are up to 5 mixes to choose from, each one intended to provide a different sound and allow flexibility.

 The [FX] button reveals and engages various sound sculpting options. Sculpt the sounds with a XY pad controlling the effect engine housed inside of Kontakt.


 Unparalleled cinematic soundscapes, transitions, and ambient tones.  

Featuring a sound sculptering granular engine that blends purpose-built samples with specialized grain and sample playback modules, effects, and a powerful performance-based XY modulation matrix.

We’ve investigated and utilised the a big selection of Kontakt’s engine and modulation parametres. Choose from a variety of flexible modulation options such as a Glide portamento, Pitch Follower, granular madness, sadistic filters and randomized evolving [FX] textures.

Mapping Samples within Kontakt

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

a wealth of long stringed amplified patches to explore

spread sound image

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

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If you’re looking for a funky whakketi-wakketi clavinet, look elsewhere!   These patches take you in the total opposite direction. 

ambient clavinet
“Gorgeous unconventional and creative string resonations” -F.J

“Sound like a guitar, but at the same time not. Patches come  alive and are intuitive to work with” -A.G

“By far some of the best textures I’ve ever heard. Unique, visceral and inspiring! Might just make it into every single track where there is anything textural going on!”   -L.S

The library offers a wide variety of patches, ranging from haunting drones to shimmering wildflies. Clavinet strings were set in motion with the use of external objects. Like bow-hairs, ebows, rotating small fan, electrical toothbrush, needles, scrapes, clinkers and feedback



  • above the horizon
  • appropriate stuff
  • clavesque
  • cold cold ground
  • concentric circles
  • convenience
  • core klang
  • crossroad slices
  • delusion
  • dense light
  • discriminated string
  • duality [mw]
  • dust collector
  • ear warg
  • ebow life
  • ebow semi civilized
  • final path
  • hairy wire
  • knitter
  • males
  • mistletoe
  • motorized fan
  • revers
  • sand solider
  • sentiment
  • sky opens
  • svart djup
  • thick passion
  • tiny weep
  • why your kid needs babysitter



  • agent akira
  • alhambra
  • bottle lead
  • burning earth
  • call response
  • carefree eagle
  • clavinet harp study
  • cog
  • curtains of grief 
  • despite the dream
  • emission
  • episode metallic
  • fall of icarus
  • freezing sophie
  • glider wing
  • good old world
  • granular transmission
  • hell broke roses
  • i didn’t
  • incarnation
  • inside hurricane
  • kingdom clavinet
  • lfo commander
  • lfo fields
  • lithophonie
  • long cycling stream
  • magnificent mind
  • mechanico bugs
  • melody goes with this
  • night sailing
  • okinawa
  • open space
  • our children
  • particles
  • philosophical consequences
  • pontiac
  • prometheus
  • religious transformation
  • ringmodulated
  • sand in my pan [mw]
  • scratching zombie skin
  • sepulchre
  • shortcake
  • silver stream
  • sinus work
  • skogens hamnd
  • slow syntax
  • somewhere huge
  • sunset clavinet
  • sweet suspend
  • tambour bottle lead
  • this is your future self
  • til fjells
  • totem delay


Direct download


  custom  IRs

A multitude of variations with different amps, fxs and mic positions.


v.2.1 – many tweaks

(build 0.192 / Sculpt 0009) :

  • added : glide and portamento
  • tweak : some XY sculpt parameters didn’t load correctly on slower systems
  • tweak : Improved bottom row buttons
  • tweak : fixed mysterious blindspot in middle of UI. 
  • tweak : Transpose/Pitchbend/Samplestart functions improved

We’ve been also working on stuff like level load times, DAW integration, menu and interface etc., improving the recognition level of all the interface button/icons.

  • larger button canvas makes buttons easier to click
  • improved general performance
  • additional patches
  • improved visuals and fonts
  • new settings options
  • added:
  • channel strips
  • improved pitchshift
  • pitchshift range
  • transpose function
  • load/save menu
  • Samplestart adjuster
  • Signal purging for saving RAM,

v.1.6 – many tweaks

v.1.4 – many tweaks

v.1.1 – many tweaks

v.1.0 – initial release

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