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Down by law


136 loops played on acoustic bass guitars with brushes, sticks and mallets





multitrack loops





2.4 GB


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“Down by law” is an inspiring tool to add an acoustic liveliness and to blend in rhythmical figures to an arrangement.   Synced to tempo in Kontakt. Recorded and performed in a great sounding studio, with the most serious intent

The loops are tight grooves recorded one note at the time on a bass-string also using the body of instrument as perc. The loops can be used as one-note bass-grooves or spread out as chords. By layering loop patches on top of eachother, you can work towards masterful complexities.


The acoustic bass guitar, is basically a large guitar with bass strings. It is a stringed instrument consisting at its most basic level of four strings that are generally activated by plucking one or more strings with fingers, nails or plectrum.  We recorded a drummer playing same loops on different strings with beaters.  


The scalable Kontakt interface is intuitive and easy to play with. On the left side you have the usual suspects : level, attack and release, reverb, delay, pitch vibrato and lowpass filter. Mixer tracks on the right side, with purge buttons and routing opportunities. The FX button on the bottom row, opens a scripted effect bonanza that gives you countless ways of morphing your sounds and combining various, sometimes randomised, parameters with a XY pad. 


The library includes finely cut one-tone-loops and repetitive percussive figures. We recorded a multitude of very rhythmical timesynced grooves Patches can simply be played as one-finger bass motives, or like chord that will blossom into polyrhythmic bass arpeggios.



The loops encompasses a number of different strike areas of the instrument (ribs, shoulders, tailpiece, strings, different areas of the body) played with percussion beaters including: standard drum sticks, timpani beaters, pencils, bamboo sticks, and brushes.


Combined with the FX Sculpt section, you’ll have – more or less – endless variations to mess up each patch. The FX Sculpt menu opens a menu with different pre-tweaked XY settings. Choose from a variety of flexible modulation options such as an Pitch Follower (synth), multiple granular, sadistic filter, complex randomized serialconnected evolving textures and sound design elements.

Igor Stravinsky
"We have duty towards music, namely, to invent it"
Igor Stravinsky

bass brushed 1 whole notes
bass brushed 2 tripplets
bass brushed 2 half notes
bass brushed 4ths
bass brushed 8ths main
bass brushed 8ths pumping forw
bass brushed 8ths tripplets
bass brushed 8ths w syncopation
bass brushed 16ths notes
bass brushed timed tremolo
bass brushed cartel
bass brushed cell
bass brushed closing in
bass brushed crime in octave
bass brushed damp
bass brushed diversion
bass brushed emergency call
bass brushed left behind
bass brushed pattern in crime
bass brushed spying
bass brushed syncopated squad
bass brushed victims
bass ensemble 01 conviction
bass ensemble 02 witness
bass ensemble 03 thriller
bass ensemble 04 gambling
bass ensemble 05 suspense
bass ensemble 06 helicopter
bass ensemble 07 the hunt
bass ensemble 08 witness
bass ensemble 09 innocence
bass ensemble 10 true story
bass ensemble 11 running
bass ensemble 12 in custody
bass sticks 1 whole notes
bass sticks 2 tripplets
bass sticks 4ths tripplets
bass sticks 8ths notes
bass sticks 16ths action notes
bass sticks arrest
bass sticks civil unrest
bass sticks deadline
bass sticks investigations
bass sticks missing body
bass sticks moral dilemmas
bass sticks off duty
bass sticks punishment
bass sticks soft moral dilemma
bass sticks surveillance


bass loops brushed _ 1 whole notes.nki
bass loops brushed _ 2 half notes tripplets.nki
bass loops brushed _ 2 half notes.nki
bass loops brushed _ 4ths.nki
bass loops brushed _ 8ths main.nki
bass loops brushed _ 8ths pumping forw.nki
bass loops brushed _ 8ths tripplets.nki
bass loops brushed _ 8ths w syncopation.nki
bass loops brushed _ 16ths notes.nki
bass loops brushed _ timed tremolo.nki
bass loops brushed cartel.nki
bass loops brushed cell.nki
bass loops brushed closing in.nki
bass loops brushed crime in octave.nki
bass loops brushed damp.nki
bass loops brushed diversion.nki
bass loops brushed emergency call.nki
bass loops brushed left behind.nki
bass loops brushed pattern in crime.nki
bass loops brushed spying.nki
bass loops brushed syncopated squad.nki
bass loops brushed victims.nki
bass loops ensemble 01 conviction.nki
bass loops ensemble 02 witness.nki
bass loops ensemble 03 thriller.nki
bass loops ensemble 04 gambling.nki
bass loops ensemble 05 suspense.nki
bass loops ensemble 06 helicopter.nki
bass loops ensemble 07 the hunt.nki
bass loops ensemble 08 witness.nki
bass loops ensemble 09 innocence.nki
bass loops ensemble 10 true story.nki
bass loops ensemble 11 running.nki
bass loops ensemble 12 in custody.nki
bass loops sticks _ 1 whole notes.nki
bass loops sticks _ 2 halfnotes tripplets.nki
bass loops sticks _ 4ths tripplets.nki
bass loops sticks _ 8ths notes.nki
bass loops sticks _ 16ths action notes.nki
bass loops sticks arrest.nki
bass loops sticks civil unrest.nki
bass loops sticks deadline.nki
bass loops sticks investigations.nki
bass loops sticks missing body.nki
bass loops sticks moral dilemmas.nki
bass loops sticks off duty.nki
bass loops sticks punishment.nki
bass loops sticks soft moral dilemma.nki
bass loops sticks surveillance.nki


2,4 GB of free space

Full Retail Version of Kontakt 6.4.2 (or later) Required


Direct download

Resizable Interface

Custom IRs

Multiple mic positions & fxs


136 tempo synced loops

41 patches

704 samples




  • faster loading and response time
  • added channelstrips 
  • improved graphics
  • ++


  • improved general performance
  • Improved loading time
  • added scalable GUI
  • improved visuals and fonts
  • new menus
  • new lowpass slider text
  • If you have already bought it, updates are available in your account


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