Kontakt Bass Synth Library

low-end apparatus 

bass sub vst plug-in library cover design with the lows

Cinematic Bass Samples and sub

user interface controls VST






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With the Lows consists of a huge collection of taped analog bass synth kontakt-instruments that caters most low-end needs.

First 3 banks are filled with sinus based patches. We use it for sub fundamentals and for building low-end on any kind of track

The other 7 banks have more characteristic sounds, with saw waves, left-field tape-based instruments. 

Kontakt Bass Synth instruments created from vintage test-equipment, audio-oscillators, modular systems, 808s and analog synths

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  • 387 Kontakt Analog Bass Synth Patches
  • Created from 26 legendary  synths and oscillators
  • From teeth rattling subs to punchy analog bottom
  • But a focus on sinus based warm taped sounds
  • Instantly sounds like it has come off a record
  • Should fill most of your low frequency needs
  • Channel strips and Filters
  • Unlimited sound sculpturing possibilities
  • Pulsing Bass with LFO slider





bass synth banks

Patches are sorted in 9 Banks

Keep going lower and lower

best bass vst for film scoring
low boost low end EQ knob


kontakt bass synth
bass synth recording through tube filter machine

Patches also blends easily with classical orchestrations and acoustic instruments, thanks to their taped and organic nature.

The  mixer tracks has channel strips with optional EQ, Mono / Stereo-width and more. These are bypassed by default.

bass modelled recorded and processed entirely using vintage outboard hardware

sound controller“With the Lows” preserves the essence of iconic hardware units. Its versatility spans across genres, effortlessly adapting to Cinematic Music, Ballads, acoustic arrangements, EDM, trailer machine punch, and even more avant-garde musical styles.

with the lows

Play with the LFO sliders to create pulsing basses.

audio oscillators (AI generated)

We dialled in mostly sounds that had a warm sinus like quality, because that is the sounds we often search for ourselves for our lows 🙂

387 synth bass patches catering a diverse range of genres, from ambient, peculiar to synthwave, but primarily easily blend-able sinus bass tones. 

UI is free from evasiveness, and with advanced options available behind the controls

Vintage-flavoured musical bass sounds lovingly sampled through Neve pre-amps and Lavry AD converters. No plug-ins was used in the making. 


With the Lows offers features that allow you to shape your chosen bass-patch with realism. 

Random Sample-Start As you play, sample will be played from different start points, making them feel more organic and lifelike 


Round-Robin setup Normal round robins nsure that every note played is distinct and dynamic, eliminating the risk of repetitive, machine-like basslines. In addition to scripted sample swapping, where nearby samples are triggered on repeated notes, adding nuance and organic flow to your compositions.

kontakt bass synth
bass vst, filmatic low end

Lows that works. Ready go. 

Comes with an dark and intuitive user interface

a wealth of lowdown sounds and subs to explore

spread sound image

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

buy now, download later or instantly

it’s absolutely stunning! The best bass library I’ve ever came across!” 


“A hallmark of deep excellence”  -V.G

“lots of analogue goodness that adds details and just enough life and richness to the sound to make it exciting in a subtle way” 


“Sounds amazing so far. Super useful patches. Can’t wait to spend more time with it!”  –E.M


Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window
Channel strips
Custom-made in-built IRs
Online User Handbook

A huge Kontakt bass synth library covering all your low end needs. Organic, lively and organic sounding bass patches. 


Recorded from a variety of low-end tone-generators, modulars and analogue synths. 

  • 4610 samples
  • 387 bass patches


v.1.1 – added 137 patches

included a glide script and improved user interface and effects

v1.0 initial release

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