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Industrial sample kit for aficionados of colossal basses, unbounded pads, relentless leads, overdrive drums, spooky sound effects and Impactful concussions.

Made for KONTAKT [full]

Surreal and dystopian industrial soundscapes







6.45 GB

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Apeiron is a fusion of industrial, HARD TECHNO, SYNTH-rock, and heavy electronica SAMPLES


Tube amps glow. Electricity flows through their metal filaments. The glas gets hot.The dust burns and turns to flying ash ▲

*Find the missing pieces for your next trailer, remix, or scoring job in Apeiron


Made From Heavily Processed Instruments

An emitter of alpha sound particles


Surreal and Dystopian Leads


Dive into a realm of over-the-top, nastily sounds tweaked to extract every ounce of raw power.



  • Hybrid Organic Synths : An uncharted assortment of synths patches. 
  • Dynamic FX Elements: Spooky breaths, stabs, futuristic wastelands, atmos and stingers.
  • Edgy Drums : Hardstyle classic drum machine recorded with inputs glowing red for maximum overdrive.
  • Speaker crushing massive bass : A collection of bass patches designed to deliver big machine-driven low-frequencies.
  • Peaktime Leads : Leads and pads created through a collection eccentric DIY hardware, guitar-amps and over-voltaged connections. 

Apeiron is an ancient Greek term meaning the boundless origin from which all things are born ▲

Team Wrongtools has consistently pushed musical boundaries and experimented with new sounds and production techniques. 

Kontakt Libraries By Wrongtools

From the aftermath of a gruesome attack to a demonic entity growing stronger by feeding on loneliness ●  Apeiron → will have you questioning reality long after the music stops.

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

A plethora of robust, immense, colossal patches awaits your exploration

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

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An Edgy Sound Arsenal for Raw Power, Introspection, Personal struggles, Nihilism, and Societal critique



A Hybrid Sample library toolkit with distinctive audio manipulation made from organic material and synths. 


initial release

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