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Instruments for drifting in icecold surroundings

Chopped out for KONTAKT [full]
Compass for sound of ice






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Ice cold sound design and instruments. Cinematic patches inspired by being on the Arctic Plateau
A sample-library that features a range of sounds inspired by coldness. Plateau will transport your audience to the frozen tundra, evoking a sense of isolation and desolation. Sounds were created by re-synthesizing recordings of strings, flutes, bowed guitar, and prepared piano, giving them a distinct and evocative quality.

In need for pathways to shilling scenes and spine-cold scenery? Here you go.


Arctic Soundscapes  Re-Synthesized From Strings, Flutes, Bowed Guitar And Prepared Piano● 

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A textural library for breathing, blooming, waning, melding and drifting in the coldest of landscapes.
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A re-synthesized collection of bowed and wind instruments of different sorts + prepared piano. Morphed into cinematic soundscapes inspired by the coldest open landscapes

From ethereal, chilling textures to crisp, icy resonations.

Plateau provides countless sonic pathways of dynamic sound design cinematic instruments.

Elastic timbral conjuring explorations from our own orchestral samples. Sounds we have developed and used in our own scores over many years.

The 2 sizeable interface is intuitive and easy to play with.

frozen waterfall
The FX menu opens a menu with different pre-tweaked FX settings controlled from XY pads.
DEMO :  “The Ruins of Hampi” composed by Wolfgang D. Schott All sounds from Plateau.
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Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

a wealth of patches to explore

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near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

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“This is absolutely beautiful. Just going threw the presets, I have no idea whats really happening but it sounds so lovely with so much motion and movement……” 
-K. Heinz

“I just want to congratulate WrongTools for this wonderful, beautiful and spectacular release! There is not a preset I have come across so far that does not spark creativity and inspiration, it is truly a treasure ”  -M.Vad

“Absolutely amazing sounds ! Very classy.” 


Sound and recording

article : 

Plateau (Wrongtools) : I definitely need to mention this library briefly, as it drew my attention to Wrongtools (see above). I enjoy sounds with a cool Scandinavian aesthetic, and combined with pads and evolving drones, I found what I was looking for in Plateau.

For this library, recordings of strings, brass, and a prepared piano have been transformed into soundscapes. They have been combined with field recordings and polar noises. As described earlier with Oz (see organ), these evolving patches can be further customized with various combinations of effects. Additionally, multiple signals are often available, which can be mixed as desired. This leads to almost 100 presets that continually create new arctic landscapes. This library can also be wonderfully combined with the strings from ‘Featherstone Strings’ (also Wrongtools), adding even more life to Plateau’s sound with organic textures.”

Sound and

*Glacial Narratives


3,27 GB of free space

Full Retail Version of Kontakt 6.6.1 (or later) Required


Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window

  A collection of in-built   IRs
Different flexible instruments inspired by the Nature of the Arctic Plateau


Cinematic multitrack textural instruments

Sound projections into the Arctic through sound

790 ncw samples





v.1.2 – added 48 patches. Updated script (build193), fixed some bugs

v.1.1 – added improved samplestart slider

+ Different minor fixes

v.1.0 initial release

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