collection 8 holds our amplified string instruments, like guitars and hohner clavinets

guitars etc. 

Collection 08

A seductive collection that brings weird electric and amplified strings instruments to your session template



Collection8 includes our string-based-instruments like clavinets, guitars, zithers and bassets that have been recorded through amplifiers, tapemachines & vintage recording chains, creating a fusion of classical elegance and contemporary edge. 

Strings Sample Libraries


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Experience the ultimate convenience as you dive into a treasure trove of Kontakt instruments, all at your finger-tips with just a few clicks (technically a few more…).

  1. Diverse Strings Collection
  2. Unique String Sound Libraries
  3. Versatile String Instruments for Composers
  4. Innovative String Sample Packs
  5. Unconventional String Tones
  6. Eclectic Strings Ensemble
  7. Hybrid String Sounds for Composition
  8. Expansive String Texture Library
  9. Signature Strings for Unique Music
  10. Rich and Varied String Instrument Samples
  11. Cutting-Edge String Timbres
  12. Contemporary Strings Sample Collection
  13. Weird String Ensemble Library
  14. Artistic Strings for Creative Composers
  15. Fusion of Traditional and Modern Strings
  16. Distinctive String Instrument Samples
  17. Ambient String Textures for Film Scores
  18. Cinematic and Dramatic Strings
  19. Eclectic String Ensemble for Original Music
  20. Expressive Strings for Emotive Compositions.
  1. Amplified Strings Collection

  2. Unique Amplified Guitar Sounds

  3. Versatile String Instrument Samples

  4. Innovative Guitar Library

  5. Unconventional Guitar Tones

  6. Electric Guitar for Film Composers

  7. Hybrid bowed Guitar String Ensemble

  8. Experimental Guitar and clavinet Sample Packs

  9. Signature Electric Guitar Sounds

  10. Ambient guitar Textures and Timbres

  11. Cutting-Edge Guitar Instruments

  12. Contemporary Guitar Collection

  13. Clavinet Sound Library

  14. Artistic Guitar Ensemble

  15. Nordic Style Guitars

  16. Iceland guitar library

  17. Ambient Guitar Textures

  18. Cinematic Electric Guitar Samples

  19. Eclectic Guitar Ensemble for Composers

  20. Amplified Strings for Soundscapes and Scores

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