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Wrongtools Strings sample libraries are brimming with character, featuring Norway’s finest musicians and recorded in a world-class scoring stage. They offer a beautiful sound, breathtaking true-to-life dynamics, and a rich array of innovative textures and articulations. 

The strings-patches simplify the process of crafting intricate sampled string timbres, even from the simplest of progressions – just a handful of sustained notes can inspire captivating dynamic textures. 

Additionally, we’ve introduced an innovative self-playing script for sound sculpting. This feature involves notes that traverse a dynamic arc, emerging from silence, swelling, and eventually fading away, all accessible through the [FX] button on the interface.

The collection has already found its way into the studios of acclaimed top-notch film composers composers, appearing in high grossing film scores and video games.

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True-Nordic strings libraries that serve as a canvas for intricate nuances and inspiring irregularities.


Experience the ultimate convenience as you dive into a treasure trove of Kontakt instruments, all at your finger-tips with just a few clicks (technically a few more…).

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