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with the lows. user interface






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Features KONTAKT instruments created from vintage test-equipment, audio-oscillators, modular systems and analog synths. Indulge in a meticulously curated collection of 253 presets, covering a broad spectrum of vintage synth basses ideal for contemporary production.


user interface controls VST
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  • 253 Characteristic Bass Patches
  • Created from 26 analog synths and oscillators
  • From teeth rattling subs to punchy analog bottom
  • Instantly sounds like it has come off a record
  • Fills your low-octave needs
  • Random Sample-Start (Optional)
  • Simulated round-robin (Optional)
  • Normal round-robins (on relevant patches)
  • Channel strips and Filters
  • Silky single and combined patches
  • Unlimited sculpturing for those with creative needs

Keep going lower and lower and lower

constructed massive bass for kontakt sampler
low boost low end EQ knob
Sounds triggered with the keys, the frequency dial wheel on the audio oscillators, and with fists on bass-pedals
audio oscillator in a musical context
bass synth recording through tube filter machine

Analogue bass sounds that blends naturally with classical orchestrations and other instruments.

The  mixer tracks has channel strips with optional EQ, Mono / Stereo-width and more. These are bypassed by default.


The Sculpt tool is for anyone who wants to play around with sub generating aromas, rumbles and creative transformations.

It triggers a combination of modulators, grains and randomizations that can be used to highlight and enhance timbres in a sound. The sculpt is built to layer and enhance everything else it touches.

Load/save universal settings
Magnify user interface
Velocity curve option
Articulation switching
Round-robin options

audio oscillators (AI generated)

26 analogue synths and oscillators recorded through a pristine vintage Neve pre-amp, going directly to an AD Lavry converter. 

The patches are sorted in 9 Banks

bass synth banks

WITH THE LOWS is a big KONTAKT library comprising a ton of deeply crafted bass patches. Catering to a diverse range of genres, from ambient, synthwave to easily blendable sinus bass tones. 

With an array of powerful tools at your disposal, such as the dynamic LFOs, modulation envelopes, you can effortlessly activate well-conceived effects with just a flick of a switch. On patches marked [mw] the modwheel elevate their versatility to new heights with multiple layers.

An endless source of vintage-flavoured, teeth rattling analog musical bass & subs. Lovingly sampled through Neve pre-amps and Lavry AD converters. No plug-ins used in the making. 

loudspeaker full power

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

a wealth of patches to explore

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

buy now, download later or instantly

bass vst, filmatic low end

Pure analog bass sounds that works. Ready go. 

it’s absolutely stunning! The best bass library I’ve ever came across!” 


“A hallmark of deep excellence”  -V.G

“lots of analogue goodness that adds details and just enough life and richness to the sound to make it exciting in a subtle way” 



Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window
channel strips
Custom-made in-built IRs
Online User Handbook



Captured from a variety of low-end tone-generators, modulars and analogue synths. Apparatus known for their silky and rich bass sounds. 

4610 samples

252 patches


initial release

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