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The finest grispy lo-bit sounds from an ARP Pro Soloist

Soloist Arp Pro


24 + 3




4,08 GB

This synth has a headstrong crispy individualistic character. The most inspiring sessions for us has been when we’ve dogmatically only used sounds from the instrument when arranging. Let sounds lead!
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ARP originally designed the synth as a tool to quickly emulate different instruments,  like cello, brass, piano, violins and fuzz guitar.

ARP Pro Soloist was used in the works of Prince, McCartney, Genesis, Parliament, Philip Glass, Jon Lord, Bee Gees, Quincy Jones, Coldcut, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock and Vangelis.

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best analog synthesizer
It doesn’t have CV or MIDI, so we meticulously played through the keys, and recorded all  presets. In the end we picked out the 19 best ones.

We are so happy to share these niche samples with other musicians and producers.  Whether it’s adding a touch of analog circuitry to a modern electronic track, or using the samples as the base for a vintage-inspired composition.  This could be the thing you need.  A distinct, and non negotiable stubborn synth.  

Experience the sounds of a synth diamond and add the best patches from this charming and innovative analog synth to your collection. A lo-bit electrical generated 70ties orchestra at your fingertips. Recorded through colorful hardware

The library goes well beyond what the original keyboards were capable of, with inbuilt controls, sound sculpting options and  other flexible and inspiring performance features.

Soloist Solist GUI

Explore new sonic and expressive possibilities with the FX engine. Spark your imagination and create the cinematic beautifulness, presented in gorgeous XY-pad environments.

Patches also includes an optional stereo track that excel at lush soundscapes (made from a vintage Roland DEP5), plus a very woobly stereo tape and two vintage spring tanks.  
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Combined patches : 

  • Ensemble Brass
  • Ensemble Plucks
  • Ensemble Strings
  • Ensemble Synths
  • Ensemble Woodwinds

Individual patches : 

  • Soloist Buzz Bassoon
  • Soloist Cello
  • Soloist Clarinet
  • Soloist Cosmic Wow
  • Soloist Flute
  • Soloist French Horn
  • Soloist Fuzz Guitar
  • Soloist Harpsichord
  • Soloist Mute Trumpet
  • Soloist Piano
  • Soloist Pulsar
  • Soloist Song Whistle
  • Soloist Space Bass
  • Soloist Space reed
  • Soloist Telstar
  • Soloist Trombone
  • Soloist Trumpet
  • Soloist Tuba
  • Soloist Violin

Arpeggiator :

  • Ensemble Brass Arp 1
  • Ensemble Brass Arp 2
  • Ensemble Plucks Arp 1


Direct & instant download

A collection of in-built IRs

The best sounds  from the 1973 ARP Pro Soloist, sampled with 3rr and different external vintage effects. 


24 multisampled, 4track-patches,  recorded through neve preamps and Lavry blue AD converters

1690 individual samples



v1.0 initial release

Update 2.0 :

(build 0.182 / Sculpt 0006) :

  • improved general performance
    additional patches
    added channel strips
    improved pitchshift
    pitchshift range
    improved visuals and fonts
    new settings options
    load/save menu
    Samplestart adjuster
    +many minor improvements

ARP Pro Solist, Neve, Lavry Converters & Roland Spaceecho, and the other recording equipment mentioned, are trademarks of their respective owners. Wrongtools is not affiliated or endorsed by any entities listed here.

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