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Sampled from a re-capped well maintained vintage Soloist.  Just like the original, it is not for everybody’s taste.  It is a non-polite grispy thing 😉

logic pro x virtual instruments synth
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(Film made with the with initial release v1.0)

Originally designed as a tool to quickly emulate different instruments,  like cello, brass, piano, violins and fuzz guitar. It has 30 presets, but many of them sounds more or less alike. So we slimmed the library down to the 19 best ones. 

This synth possesses a distinct, assertive, and crispy character. Our most inspiring sessions have been when we fervently relied solely on sounds from the Soloist, allowing the sounds themselves to take the lead!

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(Film made with the with initial release v1.0)

A monophonic analog synthesizer introduced in 1972.


Alongside features like pitch, portamento, vibrato, growl, and wow effects, the original 37-key keyboard had aftertouch sensitivity for controlling volume, brilliance, vibrato, wow, and even bend effects. While basic filter (brilliance), envelope, and LFO controls enable some sound customization.

vintage synth

<- The Wrongtools Soloist

The synth’s illustrious legacy includes being featured in the creations of Prince, McCartney, Genesis, Parliament, Philip Glass, Jon Lord, Bee Gees, Quincy Jones, Coldcut, Gary Numan, Herbie Hancock, and Vangelis.

graphics for wrongtools soloist sample library
best analog synthesizer

As these keyboards lack CV or MIDI capabilities, we painstakingly played each key individually, recording all presets meticulously. 

Simply the 19 best instruments from a grispy vintage synth diamond.  A distinct, and non negotiable stubborn synth with lots of personality

synth controls

Additional tracks driven through Roland Dep5, springreverbs and tapeechos included

mixer channel strips analog synth

Channel strips on each signal path. Swap L-R, phase-shift, pan, stereo-width, 4-band-EQ, reset and PB. PB makes it possible to turn off pitchbend for individual channels.

The library goes well beyond what the original keyboards were capable of, with inbuilt controls, [FX] sound sculpting options and  other flexible and inspiring performance features. 

multitrack VST soloist

With the FX Sculpt section you can shape the sounds  in unimaginable directions.  Choose from a variety of flexible modulation options such as an Pitch Follower (synth), multiple granular, sadistic filter, complex randomized serialconnected evolving textures and sound design elements.

Various VST simulations attempt to replicate the ARP Pro-Soloist, each with its own interpretation. However, for an authentic experience and genuine sound representation of this synth, sourced directly from the original, your search ends here

The interface is easy to play, with advanced options available behind every control

the update is absolutely great! GLIDE-Parameter YESSSS!!!!!

To my taste, it is an excellent concept to simulate an rather „primitive“ old Preset-Synth with these powerfull FX-possibilities. Result: A lot of fun and a phenomenal sound expierience. No overkill with parameters like in ohter synth engines.”

– s



Combined patches : 

  • Ensemble Brass
  • Ensemble Plucks
  • Ensemble Strings
  • Ensemble Synths
  • Ensemble Woodwinds

Individual patches : 

  • Soloist Buzz Bassoon
  • Soloist Cello
  • Soloist Clarinet
  • Soloist Cosmic Wow
  • Soloist Flute
  • Soloist French Horn
  • Soloist Fuzz Guitar
  • Soloist Harpsichord
  • Soloist Mute Trumpet
  • Soloist Piano
  • Soloist Pulsar
  • Soloist Song Whistle
  • Soloist Space Bass
  • Soloist Space reed
  • Soloist Telstar
  • Soloist Trombone
  • Soloist Trumpet
  • Soloist Tuba
  • Soloist Violin

Arpeggiator :

  • Arpeggio figurations

More (added in version 2.3) :

  • Modified Pluck Patches
  • Modified Lead Configurations Patches


Direct & instant download

A collection of in-built IRs

Extra bonus IR pack for you to use in your favourite reverb plug-in 

The best sounds  from the 1973 ARP Pro Soloist, sampled with 3rr and different external vintage effects. 


24 multisampled, 4track-patches,  recorded through neve preamps and Lavry blue AD converters + arp patches

1690 individual samples



Update 2.3 :
(build 0.192 / Sculpt 0009) :

new portamento function and a ton of smaller tweaks. 

Added 35 extra patches

Update 2.1 :
(build 0.188 / Sculpt 0007) :

more controls, pan LFO, channel strips, and a several  tweaks and improvements.

More patches

Added a bonus IR package made for the library.  

Backup old patches before you update. 

Update 2.0 :

(build 0.182 / Sculpt 0006) :

  • improved general performance
    additional patches
    added channel strips
    improved pitchshift
    pitchshift range
    improved visuals and fonts
    new settings options
    load/save menu
    Samplestart adjuster
    +many minor improvements

v1.0 initial release

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