71 woodwind retro analog synths created with vintage electronic circuits and kilometers of tape

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The Woodwindulator  aims to capture the woodwind sounds from a variety of vintage analogue oscillators and synthesizers.  Created by sampling sounds that had timbres reminding us of either flutes, clarinets, obos etc, all from old modulars and vintage synths. 

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71 patches that resemble different takes on “woodwind” electronic timbres.

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woodwindulator user interface
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So instead of recording all kinds of sounds from one particular sound source. The concept for Woodwindulator was to capture wooden sounding timbres from analogue synths. Added with rounds of tapemachines to make them come alive and woobly. Some patches are even tripple-taped.

The interface is scalable.  Simple to look at, and ready to play. Advanced options are available behind every control for those who like to dig deeper.

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A wide array of sound sculpturing opportunities opens up from the Sculpt section (FX)

woodwindulator by wrongtools

A sweet range of clarinet, flute and reed sounds.  Made solely from vintage electronics and vintage tapemachines.

Analog Synth Woodwind Sounds+Tape+Tape+Tape
 = Woodwindulator

The Sculpts versatile effect engine empowers you to craft anything from synth sounds, granular rain to intricate evolving textures.

Comes with an elegant and intuitive user interface

a wealth of patches to explore

spread sound image

near-infinite tweakability with our mighty sound shaping tools

save precious screen space or expand the user interface

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Get access to the weirdest most wonderful desirable vintage woodwind oscillated sounds ever sampled. Taped sounds that can warm up a any track!

“What a wonderful sound!”  -M

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“a treasure”  –J. M,

“Wow – this is going to be getting some use!” 



 • patches :
• cl – an unstable mind is born
• cl – contagious circuit
• cl – flying saucers
• cl – grandpas sensitive clarinet
• cl – just gliding through
• cl – lagunas home
• cl – pluck
• cl – pluck at midnight
• cl – tripple taped claritrono
• cl – unstable voltages
• ens – cassette chord
• ens – death by tape
• ens – orchestratron
• ens – oscillating babbel
• ens – signs of change
• ens – silver 80y [mw]
• ens – tape made landscape
• ens – the tale of bertrand
• ens – warming with oscillators
• ens – ww section
• fl – amped mountain flute
• fl – crying alto
• fl – distant broadcast
• fl – flamingotron
• fl – harbor song
• fl – hardwired flutette
• fl – leaky eye
• fl – llama
• fl – mellotron
• fl – mountain liturgy [mw]
• fl – pan flutotron
• fl – tropical flute
• ho – lonely machine
• ho – sacret electric
• ho – tape locker
• ob – english horn ashes
• ob – from 1906
• ob – glass-gas
• ob – misty reed
• ob – pony tournament
• ob – protocol nile
• ob – the color reed

• variations :
• _clarinet ensemble
• after the grain
• alchemy
• that comes and goes
• ancient blower
• antarctica suite
• bad blood
• bass masse
• bone chain
• chattering mellotron bugs
• clean electric
• crispy stream
• depressurizer
• dirt in the ground
• dreams of past
• dusty melody
• encuentro
• enterprise glide
• first sight
• flourish path
• fratres
• giving glory
• gliding glide
• lonely lfo
• metallisphere
• pluck decoded
• radical lead
• resonance accordeon
• stuttering sirens


Analogue modular synths that emulate woodwinds

A collection of in-built IRs

near-infinite tweakability

channel strips

Direct & instant download
Resizable Kontakt window


71 patches

1194 ncw samples


changelog : 


build 192 sculpt 0009

added : glide and portamento 
tweak : some XY sculpt parameters didn’t load correctly on slower systems
tweak : Improved bottom row buttons
tweak : fixed mysterious blindspot in middle of UI.
tweak : Transpose/Pitchbend/Samplestart functions improved

We’ve been also working on stuff like level load times, DAW integration, menu and interface etc., improving the recognition level of all the interface button/icons.

V1.0 initial release


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